The Reason This is Hard to Lose Weight Properly

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Have reduced the amount of food? Yeah, already. Always exercise? Already, too. But the weight still does not go down – down? The answer is sometimes a bit surprising, because there is nothing to do with diet and lose weight. However, your commitment has been sabotaged by them to get the ideal body. What is it?

A strange thing will come when you focus on diet food. According to a report from Yale University, the brain produces the hormone ghrelin faster when we have always thought that the food we eat is pretty minimal.
Research investigator named Alia Crum said, “The ghrelin hormone will make you hard to fill, and make your metabolism slows down.”

So how do you get balanced? easy, focus on foods that cause such high calorie nuts and cheese in a salad, the salad is not disputed. Another alternative that can be followed to obtain a healthy diet and adequate filling is by eating a hearty soup that contains crushed wheat bread.

– Legumes
Legumes can be eaten without adding spice flavorings. As many as 25 percent of calories contained in nuts is derived from glucose that stabilizes the protein.
– Ginger
The results of Florida University of Miami study states that the consumption of a teaspoon of fresh ginger before meals can accelerate satiety for up to two times when you eat. This may seem strange to you, how could we eat fresh ginger with a spicy, warm flavor.
– Plum
This sweet fruit works to reduce appetite due to a glut of fruit fiber during the process of digestion. According to research at Yale, the consumption of prunes every day can reduce the size of the meal by 20 percent. Plum also contains chlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic,
– Shiitake Mushrooms
Brilliant idea if you add the shiitake mushrooms in a stew, stews, and others. According to a study from the National Institutes of Health, the type of fungus is rich in selenium, a mineral substance which has the ability to help burn fat. – Leaves onion
Many do not like because of the sharp scent, but if you have the desire to lose weight, there is no harm in taking this scallions. Simply add to any dish at home.
– Spinach
Dr. Gillespie, a nutritionist suggested that we begin to idolize spinach. Spinach contains lipoic acid, an antioxidant that works transports blood sugar and fatty acids into cells to be burned into energy.
– Eggplant
In France, the eggplant is used as a main ingredient one of the favorites menu, ratatoullie. The fruit is also used as a meat substitute that produces 20 calories in each cup measure.
– Japanese Cucumber
Cucumber types are widely used as a garnish on a dish, such as salad and muffins, or just added to processed vegetables. Of research at the University of Sydney, Australia, said that the Japanese cucumber has a fiber content and high water and may suppress appetite. Maybe you should change the rules of eating, enjoying the zucchini first, then eat the main meal.

Research conducted in the Journal of Consumer Researh states that people – people who buy junk food is usually aware that they were buying unhealthy food. However, because they feel no need to pay cash, they end up ignore it and continue shopping for more food.

Is it in your heart eager to exercise regularly?

The question may be more reasonable in this way. Research conducted in France stated that as we continue to think of exercise, then we will eat 50% more than usual. Why? For the person – the person thinks the desire to exercise the right excuse to eat more, yet will also burn calories.
Bottom line, avoid eating too much snacks. Snacking can but no more than 150 calories. For example by trying 2 slices whole-grain crackers are healthy. That’s it.


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