Some of the best sources available for obtaining backround information

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The World Wide Web seems to be a useful information source for many purposes.  There are a number of useful websites that supply information on almost any one within the United States.  If you are trying to locate someone or you just need some general information on an individual; many of these websites provide a basic people search for free.  More detailed information is available but there is a charge for the service. is a useful information source that will supply a general search absolutely free.  More in depth searches are available but there is a cost involved. supplies reports, which disclose a person’s age, address history, property ownership, civil actions, and possible related individuals.  Most reports are delivered within a few hours.  A credit card number will be required to order a comprehensive report.  You can visit the website at is a search engine that will return results, which will provide an accurate name, address, and phone number history on any one residing within the United States.  These reports are free of charge and the only information you need to get started is the persons name and state of residence.  If you are not sure of the state in which the person resides; you can just type in the first and last name and try to sort through the results.  Zabasearch is a decent website considering there is no charge for the service.

US is very similar to Intelius.  US Search will supply a free basic search, which will return results including a persons name any alias, age, and state in which the individual resides.  More detailed reports are available for a charge.  Additional reports include, complete address history for 20 years, possible relatives or spouse, property ownership, civil actions, criminal actions, employment history and much more. 

USA People Search offers an initial search for free.  Free searches include first and last name, and an address history.  Additional more complete reports are available for a fee.  USA People Search is a pretty good source for obtaining back round and property ownership information.    The turn around time after ordering a report is normally a couple of hours.  Results are delivered to an email address supplied when ordering the report.

There are many excellent people search engines and back round checks are almost always available.  Many employers and law enforcement institutions use one or more of these sources to obtain important back round information about a person.     The Internet is an excellent tool and in this age of technology no one’s personal information is private.  Mostly anything can be uncovered with a bit of searching.


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