Essence of Yoga And Meditation-1

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An exercise regimen early in the morning will give you a perfect body which has the capacity to work hard towards your goal. But don’t you think that simple exercises provide only with the bodily or physical strength which can be proved of superficial value during testing times ?  In adversities, mental and emotional toughness count as much as physical stamina. Hence, you have to pursue something which has the holistic approach towards your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Our ancient science has got an answer for your entire wellness i.e. Yoga and Meditation. They compliment each other entirely and are such powerful tools beyond anybody’s imagination. They have become topics of discussion among youngsters and elders equally, am sure you must have heard these words repeatedly from various sources. In a way, they have become fashion statements in today’s fast moving modern society.

Meditation and Yoga are routes to union of your soul with the Universal Almighty Soul. The postures of yoga look like normal exercise but are very scientifically developed by our Ancient Seers for the higher purpose. On the surface it does not seem mystical but diving deeper into the subject it has got various esoteric facets. It is a mine which has infinite precious gems hidden from your sight. But once you begin to endeavour this arena, you will come to know about the concealed treasure it possesses.

The moment you start connecting to the Universal Life Force, there is a sense of empowerment within and without. You start becoming immune to all kinds of health hazards, including mental and emotional ailments. Once initiated with Yoga and Meditation, the essence of my words would be felt by you amply.

Initiation of Yoga and Meditation: Pranayam

Prana, signifies life force and ayam means intake hence, Pranayam means inflow of life energy. It deals with the capacity of lungs, rhythm of breath and respiratory system’s overall wellbeing. Apart from this, other four elements i.e. earth, fire, water and sky too get balanced by practicing pranayam.

The oxygen level in the blood starts increasing due to pranayam giving rise to fresher, richer and healthier blood. Since blood is the sole oxygen carrier and nourisher, high oxygen concentration leads to its greater infusion in the entire body. In nutshell, pranayam is a great rejuvenator, calms down your whole system and provides a balance to the personality.

Hence, by following a healthy lifestyle, in conjunction with yoga and meditation, will bestow upon you stress free life.


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