Summary For Website Promotion

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After designing a website and have it hosted, you have to promote it. This means you have to make people know that such a website exists. The reason for promotion is that, you already have competitors out there. The only way you can do without promotion is if your site has a unique product or service to offer. Even so, it will take at least 6 months before people know it. If you want your site to become effective within the first 3 months of hosting, you need to promote it. Otherwise, it would become effective after 3 years, when some businesses will be closing up.

The text content of the pages of the site should have or consists of keywords. The title tag content especially, should have keywords. What are keywords? Keywords are the normal words that Internet users know about the topic that is written on a web page. With web business, avoid using magazine caption phrases (clauses or sentences), even in titles. Such phrases sound good, but people do not use them to search and they do not use them even in their daily lives.

Search engines generally ignore scripts in the web pages of your site. So, do not place any keywords in scripts.

Submitting the Site
After designing a good site, with the keywords and have it hosted, to begin promoting it, you have to submit it to search engines. Examples of search engines are, and is the most popular, today.

You submit your site to at least 3 important search engines. To submit your site to any of the above search engines, just go to the home page of the search engine and type “submit url” without the quotes and press the Search Button. From the listing, click the relevant link for the page on which you will do the submitting.

At the submitting page, you will be required to type the URL of the home page of the site. You will also have to type keywords of the site and/or a very short summary of the site. After that you click the Submit button. Within 2 weeks from that time the search engine will have recorded your home page and will be looking at the other pages of your site to record them as well. You submit only the home page URL and not the other pages of the site: the search engine will see them eventually.

Page Rank
Page rank is a whole number (integer) given by Google ( It is a number between 0 and 10, inclusive. This number shows how important your site is. The value of 10 means it is extremely important. The value of 1 means you have started doing business with your site. The higher the value the more important your site is, as considered by Google. When you just submit your site, it will have a page rank of zero. If your site is not promoted after that, it may never go beyond the value of 0. You may have some visitors, but it is still not really important as it has a value of zero.

Above, I am referring to the home page. However, page rank is given to each page of your site. You cannot choose a page rank for yourself; it is given by Google.

Home page link in other Sites
You should then ask owners of other websites to place your home page hyperlink in a page of their site. You should have your hyperlink placed in at least 50 sites. Among these sites, at least 25 should have a page rank of 1. Now, it is difficult to have this done, so many people exchange links.

After that, you sit down and wait for about 3 months. After about 3 months you should be having a reasonable number of visitors.

Well, after 3 months, promotion will still continue, but not rigorously.



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