Meaning of Spam

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You must have heard the word, spam. It is of the Internet. What does spam mean? I explain that in this article. If you have a Yahoo email box, then you must have seen the folder (directory) in the box called, the Spam folder. In that folder emails that you were not expected are sent there. Many of such emails are advertising mails.

Spamming is when someone plays a trick in Internet use and sends information to another Internet user. If the person reads the information, the sender is likely to benefit. This is done by taking advantage of some feature of the Internet. Do not confuse between spamming and scamming. I will explain scamming in a different article.

Email Spamming
In the past, when Yahoo did not have the spam folder, a spammer could get your email address from somewhere and then send to you information on something that he is advertising. When you read his email, he has successfully advertised, without paying advertising fee or without asking your acknowledgement to receive advertisement. The Yahoo company noticed this, and they decided to create a spam folder. Now, when you open your email box, you can delete all what is in the spam folder. You are more likely to read the spam message in the absence of the spam folder than in the presence of the spam folder. In the absence of the spam folder, the spam message comes to your Inbox. So, the spam folder prevents you from reading the spam email.

Where does a spammer gets your email address? If you belong to a public Internet group, they can get your email address from there; after all, you typed it there, including information about the things that interest you. You may also have typed your job, and from it they will know that you are somebody who can pay. Another way they can get your email address is that they may also belong to a private (or close) Internet group that you belong to. In this case they read your email address from your profile page.

At the limit, they can get your email address if they are close to you (neighbor) as a friend.

If you have a website, the spammers who understand website design, can use their knowledge and get your email address from your contact page. Most contact pages have email addresses unseen to the ordinary Internet user. A spammer who is not a website designer, can also pay a website designer to design software tool that will get email addresses of contact pages.

Social Network Spamming
A good social network has a set of rules that all members should respect. For example they may say they do not want anything pornographic. They may also have threads for what they consider, normal discussions and threads for what they consider promotions. Some social networks may not have any threads or any space for promotion.

Now, if you are a member of a social network and you post a promotion of what you are selling to the normal discussion threads of the site, that is spamming. The social network may have a space for promotion. The question you may ask now is; so someone cannot talk about what he is selling in a social network. If you have to talk about what you are selling, it has to flow naturally in the discussion. There are few occasions for that. In that case, you are not spamming.

URL Spamming
Some sites may allow you to place a hyperlink (URL) in a page on their website. Such a hyperlink is seen by Internet users of the site. If you go to such a site and place a hyperlink of your personal interest, which the owner of the site does not recommend, that is spamming. So if you place your commercial hyperlink there, against the recommendation of the site owner, that is spamming. Some sites will actually allow you to place your commercial hyperlink, that is not spamming. It most be against the recommendation of the owner of the site, to be called, spamming.

That is what I gathered for you in this article. I hope you appreciated it.



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