How To Optimize The Performance Of Android Tablets, The Easier The More Comfortable

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Development of time forces us to follow it, otherwise it will be further and further up. rapid technological developments, especially in the field of communication is promising a variety of ease. The current capabilities of mobile phones is increasing, not only for the phone, sms, or play music. If you belong to one of the Android users still not recognizing Your Android Tablet in depth, it’s worth listening tips that we serve here, so you can optimize existing features.

the existence of many tablets in the smarthphone to consumers, given their ability to rush a very complete. So no need to carry a lot of the equipment if the task should get out of the city. Given the reality that is growing now, the presence of a Tablet with Android based operating system is becoming a trend and boom.


1 Android Market

If we use the Android-based Tablet, we will be spoiled with many free apps available on the Android Market.
But we need an email from Google to be able to access it. If you haven’t had it, you can sign up via my gmail account. Process of creation is fairly easy; You just fill in some information requested data as well as the account name and password.
Alternatively, the user-specific smartphone and tablet Samsung, available various applications for mengoptimalisasikan tablet on Samsung Apps. Visit for application of your choice

2. subscription to Internet package

Once connected to the Google servers, tablet you will continue to use the data to update a variety of applications including push mail and social media. And of course, this will deplete Your pulse more quickly. The solution, you can subscribe to the internet package service provider provided you. Operators usually provide options based on time (daily/weekly/monthly) and the quantity of data.

3. use application Cleaner
Application cleaner can be an alternative to maximize the performance of your Android. Because Application cleaner automatically able to remove all caches and history on a specific time interval, it also deletes all records search and browser navigation history.

Clearing your cache will help improve the performance of Your Android tablet. In addition, the battery life is also longer. Example of App Cleaner that you can download IE 1Tap Cleaner, and Cache Cleaner App. Both can be obtained for free on the Android Market.

4. secure your Phone
Android Tablet could certainly have a touch screen, so it’s so risky If you don’t lock Your tablet. The solution, you can use the function keys screen by making certain gestures (pattern), or by writing down a password to protect it.

You can find this feature in the settings submenu, location, and security. After that, select the assign key screen. You can set yourself the kind of security that will be used. If these security features are still considered less, you can download other similar applications from the Android Market.

5. Features Underclock
Complaints such as the use of wasteful batteries often voiced by the users of Android. To reduce the impact of this, you can try to underclock features which can be accessed directly from the menu. Its function is to lower the processor speed of your Android. If the previous Processor Android you are at 1 GHz speed, once will be 800 Mhz underclock. Needless to worry about Android tablets, because performance is drastically reduced when you’re not running heavy applications, this one is a perfect solution to save on battery usage.

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