Price Blackberry Bellagio (Bold 9790) : Thin Design With Bold Family

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Bellagio is a mobile phone that Blackberry was launched in late 2011 Balckberry which could cause furor with a discount of 50%. Indonesia became the first country to launch several recent series Blackberry Blackberry’s include the Bellagio. Blackberry is often called the Blackberry Onyx III is indeed equipped with a variety of features that are quite sophisticated and interesting design. Beritkut Blackberry Bellagio specs and price offer.

Design and Interfaces

Although the Blackberry Bellagio is one family of Blackberry Bold, but the design of this phone is not thick at all. This phone is really typhoid and much lighter than its predecessor. This phone is even able to tuck in your pocket and we won’t feel bring cell phones. When compared to the Blackberry Onyx II, Bellagio is not predominantly material stainless steel, but the reduction of materials stainless steel does not reduce the impression of elegance because Onyx III fitted with grooves which neatly with the bottom of the thin, making this phone no less elegant. Blackberry Bellagio specs and price is pretty comparable. The phone is equipped with a full touch screen capacitive 2.45 inches.

Applications and Connections

Mobile phone Blackberry OS 7.0 comes with a wide range of applications such as social networking, GPS and so on. Blackberry Bellagio has also equipped with NFC support. For connectivity, the phone is equipped with mirco USB at the bottom of your mobile phone, 3 g connectivity, Bluetooth and WiFi. The phone is also equipped with processors Marvel Tavor which of course makes the browsing experience more quickly. With a fairly complete connectivity facilities, price Blackberry Bellagio offered is also quite high.


For the multimedia features of the Bellagio, the Blackberry comes with a 5MP camera autofocus and LED flash. The camera features of this mobile phone is not much different from the pendahlunya, Onyx II. Some features such as supporting image stabilization, face detection, outdoor and indoor mode is also available. The camera of this phone is pretty good, but unfortunately the camera available only support VGA video, yet can provide HD quality.


Blackberry prices offered in Indonesia of the Bellagio is approximately USD 4.6 million. The price is more expensive than Onyx II, but cheaper than Blackberry Dakota. If we fans of Blackberry and follow the development of this phone, the Blackberry Bellagio could be an option, if we want a Blackberry a more exclusive and incidentally we have more budget, then Blackberry Dakota could become an option.

This is indeed a cell phone upgrade from Onyx II, but as we’ve discussed, there are several features that are almost the same as Onyx II. Bateray became one of the highlights on this phone. After a little over a week, eat the battery was only able to survive about 10 hours, if we actively use this phone, then only will last 8 hours. For the browsing features, this phone is indeed better than its predecessor, but if used for browsing too long, usually a cell phone would be so hot to penetrate the casing, battery removal requires us Blackberry Bellagio and mendiamkannya in some time. There are still other options besides the Bellagio i.e. Blackberry Apollo 9360


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