How TO Choose And Buy Second Car

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“You buy a used car but do not know how to choose it. ..??” Well this time we will help you how to or tips choosing a used car.Perhaps with articles that we share about tricks choose a used car is very useful for you.Just you tenggok made below that already we provide I hope is helpful to you.

Following these tips choose used cars :

  1. For any desire, head must remain cool in choosing a used car. Leave the seller if the price offered is too High, even though the car of your dreams is waiting. Negoisasi ability you will be honed with the passage of time.

  2. Make sure you know the price of a used car market, and begin hounded bid under that price. More easily raise your bid rather than lower it. Used car pricing information can also be obtained from automotive sites.

  3. When collecting data on prices when choosing a used car, don’t necessarily trust the results of the data. Remember, all sellers must expect profit. So, the average hargapun is already a price which is raised or not necessarily is the market price used cars.

  4. Must remember, in choosing a used car can also mean buying other people’s problems. Make sure you know the history of this car including her treatment. This can be known from car care card. Dig up as much detail as possible including the information whether ever submerged flood, accident, down the machine etc. Before deciding to buy it, ask an expert mechanic to check it out.

  5. Check the backgrounds of these cars. This will not provide a guarantee that the car is OK to be bought, but it could have been you get important information on; turns out the car was never experienced severe collision or odometernya has been revamped, etc.

  6. Ask your peers a more clever in terms of buying cars to help you choose a used car.

  7. Never buy a used car to severe collisions, especially those exposed to the frontal collision. There will be a lot of problems that arise later in the aftermath of a severe collision.

  8. Don’t buy a used car directly when you first see it, be patient. Try first the car, usually the problem will be detected if attempted on a road car first.

  9. Don’t believe directly if the owner said that this car first hand and only used on highways only. Chances are that the car in question was the former of these rental.

  10. Do not buy a car if you still feel doubtful. If you think Your machine is somewhat noisy, less refined, somewhat transmission rusty, and so on. The better you are looking for a used car.

  11. Do not buy a car that is where you should do a “slight” improvement, due to the fact you have to make improvements here and there without cease.

  12. Don’t buy a secondhand car hit by floods. Water can menyebakan these cars rusted, destruction of electronic devices, damage to the transmission, and so on.

  13. Don’t be too skeptical and rough against sellers of cars. Although we lack trust in the seller’s car, but also the car salesman really honest.

  14. Keep opinionated, but do not be rude, be nice to them and they must be ready to help you.

  15. Test drive is important. You get a chance please do test drive as far as possible with various variations of path. Could also try into the area where the car was to be frequently used.

  16. Open the lid of the machine and see if there are any pipes that leak, the belt that get aus, oli. Sit in the driver’s seat, and check if all the indicators work well, so are the indicator light. Check also the signs of damage due to water (see tip barring catastrophic magnitude). Check for system safety, starting from the seat belt, the head restrain, roof structure, child seat anchor. Similarly the viewing distance and the main lights emissivity. It can be done as a test drive. Try to drive a car at a speed of 60-80 km/h and feel if the turn of soft, steering gear can always straight, when direm remains stable, and when cornering too smooth.

  17. Careful with odometer fraud. This is often done naughty sellers who want to increase the value of cars that are sold. So don’t be fooled by numbers that are listed in the odometer. Make sure it is when choosing a used car, because most of us often feel happy with the odometer was low.

  18. Now it was time to set up your new car payment. If you choose do credit, the safest is to determine first how great financial ability to pay monthly installments. Easy way, installment should not be more than 20% earnings per month after a cut in expenditure. Estimate treatment costs as well, taxes, insurance and operational.

  19. Pay cash advance at least 10% of the price of the car. Less than that, the credit provider will doubt your financial capabilities. So if you have the cash, it is better to use for a down payment. This step will also reduce the burden of debt principal associated with monthly installments.


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