How Turmeric Helps In Weight Loss

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Discover the secret of using turmeric for weight loss. Learn when to use it and how much to use to get the maximum fat burning benefits by turmeric.

What is Turmeric?


Turmeric, known as curcumin, is a herbal that is used in many Asian and Middle Eastern foods. Powdered turmeric comes from grinding curcumin, a type of parsley plant. In its powder version, this spice adds the dark yellow hue to curry seasoning.

Fresh turmeric is a fleshy root that’s quite as big as ginger, but which has a pleasing, delicate taste. There are several varieties of turmeric in a range of colors — from bright, orange-colored flesh to white. The intense orange color of curcumin in turmeric is what gives the rich yellow color of stews, soups, rice and curry dishes. It has a distinctive, earthy flavor similar to ginger combined with pepper. Turmeric is frequently used as an alternative for the more costly saffron.

Burn Your Fat with Turmeric

Turmeric possesses potent fat-burning properties. It has healthy amounts of manganese and iron, and excellent amounts of Vitamin B-6, potassium, and dietary fiber. Manganese and potassium are beneficial to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and manage body fluids. Potassium works on glucose metabolism and increases energy supplies.

Iron is vital for all areas of the human body and hemoglobin is the main ingredient that circulates oxygen all over the body. Iron is required for brain development, stable body temperature, muscle actions, good immunity and more. Fiber in foods makes bowels bulkier and accelerates the elimination of toxins. Fiber gives a sense of satiation without over eating.

Turmeric’s main ingredient is curcumin, which imparts a beautiful, dark yellow color to turmeric and offers a lot of health advantages. Curcumin has long been prized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Chinese and Ayurvedia medicines have harnessed it to treat gas, jaundice, blood in urine, hemorrhage, bruises, chest pains, colic, toothache and even menstrual problems. Those are just a few of the conditions.

Why turmeric is good health?


Turmeric Powder

Based on much scientific research that has been done, the yellow/orange color in turmeric, the curcumin previously mentioned, is the main anti-inflammatory substance. The anti-inflammatory abilities of curcumin are just as good as prescription and OTC medicine. However, there aren’t any accompanying toxic side effects!

Curcumin has antioxidants that can get rid of free radicals before they can wreak havoc on cells. Injury caused by free radicals is apparent in illnesses like arthritis. Many people who have arthritis say they feel a lot better when they use turmeric regularly when preparing food. This improvement includes a decrease in swollen joints, less stiffness in the morning that goes away faster, plus being able to walk for longer periods.

Curcumin has antioxidant abilities that allow the colon to shield itself from free radical damage that could ruin the DNA of the cells and turn into colon cancer. Curcumin helps kill mutated cancer cells and stops them from growing in the body. Curcumin improves liver function as well.

The phytonutrients of curcumin found in turmeric and quercitin (an antioxidant found in onions), when used in tandem in recipes, have been proven to lessen precancerous lesions in the intestinal tracts of humans. A reduction was seen in the dimensions as well as number of lesions.

If you want to burn fat, turmeric helps by boosting your body’s detoxifying capabilities as well as its life-saving and healthy anti-oxidant properties.

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Turmeric Preparation

It is difficult to find fresh turmeric, however ground turmeric can be found nearly anywhere at the market or grocers in the spice aisle. Do not allow the color of the turmeric to be your guide, because the color is different among the various kinds of turmeric.

Recommended storage for turmeric spice is a container with a snug seal. Store it out of direct light in a space that is cool and free of moisture. If you obtain fresh turmeric rhizomes, store them in the refrigerator.

Here are a few ideas for serving it.

Because of the intensity of its flavor, it should be added sparingly to dishes. Put turmeric in chicken, eggs and egg salads, curry and tomato sauces, as well as seafood and pasta. A tasty meal is cold cooked shellfish mixed with turmeric and fat free sour cream. Turmeric is a frequent ingredient in mustard and pickle products.

Turmeric makes an interesting addition to dressings for salad. The intense yellow color gives a great taste and interesting appearance.

Turmeric is a good addition to marinades, relishes and savory breads. Sprinkle a little on beans, winter squash and lentils. Turmeric is used regularly for Thai cooking in stir-fry dishes, snacks, desserts, curries as well as soups.

You can also make a green tea with turmeric added, to gain its nutritional and cancer-preventing properties.

Try using turmeric in dishes along with tofu. Shake the seasoning liberally on a variety of foods, for the pretty color it gives and also for the fat burning and health advantages.

How Much Should Be Consumed?

Use around two teaspoons for each serving or as directed on the recipe.


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