Beatbox', Rhythm Music Mouth!

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.Beatbox is a new stream in hiphop music that relies on oral skills to produce music. The music of the mouth is not inferior to modern music, can even drive people to take his foot or nod your head.

Mouth music is often heard in Enggal Art Market, every Sunday. Some young people sat side by side, covering most of his mouth. There is also a mouth-to-side tilt. Looks weird, but that’s how the beatbox community members Lampung produce beautiful music through the mouth.

“Beatbox is cheap. Capital is only the mouth. But this is not a cheap music, “said Geraldus Raditya, one of the beatbox community Lampung, on the Art Market, Monday (26-3).

According Geraldus, beatbox developed in the United States and Europe since the 1980s. Then, the flow is penetrated Indonesia in 2006. Some bands incorporate elements Indonesia beatbox in his song, like Mariah Feat 2 Black and saykoji.

In Lampung alone, beatbox began to bloom since 2009. According to Geri, greeting familiar, in 2009 the community was already known as the beatbox beatbox Roring Lampung (lbr). However, unfortunately lbr vacuum because each member has their own activity, so that was a member Geri lbr finally decided to form a new community, namely Lampung Beatbox Foundation (LBF).

The new LBF was formed in January 2012 yesterday. Now, already has 25 members. This new community center spirited practice. They routinely get together every Sunday at the Art Market Enggal. “Its members are spread in Bandar Lampung, Pringsewu, Kotabumi, Bandarjaya, Kalianda, and Metro,” said Geri.

Beatbox genre is attached to a young spirit. All members of this community of high school and college students.
Now the pet rock was the mouth is already spreading to the school. SMAN 12 Bandar Lampung became the first school that has been formed called the Dallas extracurricular beatbox beatbox Clan (DBC) which was formed in December 2011. Beatbox into positive activities for youth. “Instead of hanging out and chatting more comfortable workout beatbox. If it’s good to join the race, “he said.

In Lampung, beatbox existence beginning to be recognized. Some events are often enlivened by pernampilan the beatboxer. Recently in a show beatboxer some Unila and Mal Kartini. Geri said the LBF will hold a ceremony called beatbox battle, May. This event will invite the beatboxer from outside Lampung.

To transmit the virus beatbox, LBF often appear in the centers of the crowd. “We want to show beatbox with a performance at the center of the crowd, such as field Saburai, PKOR Way Halim, and Pahoman Stadium,” said Gery ever beatbox III national champion in Pekanbaru in 2011.

Chairman of the Brave Man LBF grants say they learn beatbox community as autodidact. Simply by looking at Youtube or video tutorials, they are immediately put into practice and practicing beatbox. Learn to beatbox is easy bother.

For those members who are able to animate the music and diligent practice to master beatbox in two weeks. However, there is also a member can take a long time to produce music through his mouth.


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