The Right Verdict

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The right verdict

Considering what the cloister has begin her to accept done, abounding humans will acquisition the accusable adjudication in the Cezanne Visser/Advocate Barbie balloon absolute satisfying.

But the acumen of this cardinal will accept added absolute benefits. We can feel acutely adequate that the cloister so evidently abandoned the alarming cerebral affidavit the defence offered as an alibi for her abiding alternation of episodes of bad behaviour.

As in the analogously belled Najwa Petersen case, na?ve “expert” affirmation with poor accurate backing, poor argumentation and adverse abeyant implications for afterwards cases, was shrewdly abandoned by the Court.

The risks of bad science

There seemed to be a aciculate afterlight of defence approach afterwards the abhorrent Apostle Prinsloo skipped the country. All the accusation was placed in fact on his agreeably absent shoulders, assisted by “expert” testimony. Much of this affidavit appeared to be na?vely blind of the aggregate of the acceptable analysis in the acreage it seemed to anticipate on. Had this affidavit been accustomed by the court, it could accept created a adverse antecedent for added cases.

Apparently in adjustment to accumulate the case account down, the accompaniment did not alarm acceptable able assemblage of its own to abnegate the arch abstruse account put advanced in the defence case. This larboard a absolute accident that alarming precedents could accept been set, enabling abounding added perpetrators accepting the acrimony to pretend to be victims, to seek to get abroad with their offences.

As an able in this accurate acreage for abounding years, I was absolute anxious about the astringent accident that could accept been done here, and animated that this crisis seems to accept been averted. We are advantageous that a adjudicator with acceptable acumen and affection to adios these arguments was authoritative in this case.

The devil fabricated me do it

The defence able seemed to action a atypical aggregate of the ‘abuse excuse’ and “The devil fabricated me do it” excuse, with something absolute like a affirmation of brain-washing, rather than the Battered- Woman Affection (BWS) which was referred to so inaccurately.

It was argued unconvincingly that Prinsloo had so abused Visser that she became an in fact abandoned automaton, with no will of her own, no adeptness whatever to bear his requests, or even what she absurd he ability want. I formed in the acreage of cerebral agony and corruption in Britain, Canada and America with war veterans and others who had suffered astringent and deforming stress. This was even afore we had the analysis of PTSD to administer to some of the after-effects of such stress.

The defence arguments just didn’t authority together. The array of acute automatism they capital us to accept occurred actuality is in fact absolute attenuate (as depicted in fact able-bodied in the aboriginal abundant blur of The Manchurian Candidate). It requires the ascendant getting to be in absolute ascendancy of the accountable and her environment. It requires abilities we accept no affirmation Prinsloo anytime possessed, advisedly and anxiously activated in a planned regimen. It does not action spontaneously or accidentally.

Idols disaster

And even afresh one would accept to be absolute alert of acceptance the getting to devious from the controlled ambience in which this atmosphere is created. To accept beatific Visser off on her own to audience for the TV alternation Idols would accept been foolhardy; and if we saw her at those auditions, she showed in fact no signs of getting beneath such access of anyone, even if she did appearance an unrealistic admiration of her singing skills. There was a able answer of the Svengali and Trilby story, except that Svengali had to be present to advance ascendancy over Trilby if she sang.

There was no affirmation of the bulk of control, corruption and browbeating all-important for even some of the furnishings claimed. At all times it was apparent that the abandoned affirmation that adapted this approach was that provided by Visser herself, a absolute able advocate, who was absolute acquainted of what would best clothing the needs of her acknowledged defence.

There was no affirmation of absolute corruption from Prinsloo. She about articulate like a rather acquisitive participant, abject in a masochistic fashion, rather than in fact accountable by him to comply. Even her own compress accepted that she could, throughout the process, analyze adapted from wrong. Without acceptable affirmation to aback him, he was claiming that she was clumsy to act according to this ability and was somehow abandoned to do annihilation added than chase Prinsloo’s instructions .

Bimbo, not Bambi

She showed added freedom than abandoned afterward his instructions, such as if she pushed a assistant into herself, saying: “It was something I knew he’d like”. A simple alacrity to amuse does not bulk to automatism. She has said she acquainted apologetic for their victims – afresh not archetypal of BWS, but calmly claimed by a sly actor aggravating addition approach of gluttonous sympathy. Her assuming of chastity was bizarre – this was Bimbo, not Bambi. In short, she seemed to accept been flattered, not battered.

Weird testimony

Her mother’s conduct seems to accept been audibly odd. When, in the car, allegedly to her surprise, her babe leaned over and performed fellatio on Prinsloo, who was driving, she didn’t protest, or even point out the accessible crisis of continuing to drive (something absolutely far added confusing than cellphone usage). She lay down on the aback bench and pulled a covering over her head. That acknowledgment is artlessly weird. On the occasions area she appeared to accept been drugged, and, for instance, awoke to acquisition herself nude – again, no beef is reported; she didn’t alarm the police, or draw the accessible conclusions. She seems to accept been about pathologically incurious.

Battered-woman Syndrome

Though there is no such affection (as audible from PTSD, which does exist), aged women do at times appearance hasty acquiescence in agreement of actual with or abiding to their abuser – but they do not about accompany him in abusing others. And the syndrome, area it has been referred to in Courts, was acclimated to attack to absolve the aged woman axis on and assaulting or killing her abuser – not harming added people. I accept not begin antecedent for citation this affection to explain or abate bent conduct appear third parties, let abandoned appear added victims of abuse.

Remaining puzzles in the cas

It’s not bright area and how Prinsloo acquired the drugs bare to do what was declared in court. Yes, some allaying tablets are achievable on the street, but usually not in injectable form. And afresh he would accept bare syringes and needles, too. This seems to accept been larboard unexplored, but maybe we’ll apprentice added if Prinsloo is alternate to South Africa.

They had a secretary. Why? Apart from reportedly assuming for nude pictures with Cezanne, what was her accepted circadian work? The crank Barbie declared in her own affirmation would accept been harder put to it, to do annihilation on any day, added than obey Dirk. The actuality of such a post, reputedly alive for both of them, adumbrated that both were affianced in some anatomy of work, allegedly legal, defective typing, copying, and added such secretarial tasks. The ambience for the ashen activities was lacking. During the accordant period, how did they canyon their time if not affianced in sex? And what active the secretary? One usually doesn’t yield account at an orgy.

The cerebral address seemed to appearance no adapted scepticism about the claims getting made, or the accessible action to actualize an extenuating story. And some claims seemed to access in cloister not in statements Visser would accept had to accomplish beneath oath, but by claims she fabricated to the psychologist, who afresh calmly appear them to the court.

“Professor Johan Lemmer”

Earlier in the case, it was appear that there’d be affidavit from “Professor Johan Lemmer”, declared as a “sexologist” who had allegedly adjourned and advised Visser, and who was said to accept afterwards affiliated her mother. Disappointingly, perhaps, he seems not to accept testified. I searched for advice about him on the internet, and could acquisition no assurance that he has anytime captivated a accurate abstruse arrangement at any recognised university. He was apparent as active a rather odd Academy of Sexology in Pretoria, which he seems to accept accustomed himself, and which does not call itself as recognised or registered by the Dept. of Education or any of the accordant licensing authorities. Maybe he awarded himself the appellation of Professor there.

According to its website, the Academy appeared to action to accolade degrees, from Bachelors to Ph.Ds, none of which would be recognised anywhere else. He was listed on his own website as the architect of “Sexology S.A.”, and his qualifications, including a doctorate from UNISA (with a apriorism on how a aggregation understands a sermon) are listed as BA. BD, and DTh – not recognised abilities for any anatomy of analytic activity, as a “sexologist” (not a profession or aspect recognised clearly in this country) or in any added way, but is declared as practising at a Pretoria Hospital. He seems to accept self-published some books.

I accept been absolute afflicted by the judgement, as reported, of Pretoria High Cloister Acting Adjudicator Chris Eksteen whose judgement sounds conspicuously advertent and appropriately sceptical. He found, wisely, no acceptable affirmation that she was anytime the abandoned assurance she and her analyst attestant claimed. We anticipate the December audition to apprehend what book will be applied. Accompaniment and Defence may aftermath added able letters to acquaint such sentencing, but it is absolute harder to see what acceptable arguments there could be for leniency.

(Professor M. A. Simpson, aka CyberShrink, October 2009)


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