Become a Better Hitter in Baseball

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               In relation to hitting, one of the most important aspects is known as the load, which where you prepare to hit the ball. All players do things differently, but it is essential that you boost as must power and momentum as possible when you swing your bat. Actually, this load should not be a lot of movement and only small enough to generate some additional power. You can put your hands down slightly or move your shoulders back. This can be compared to building up the speed to do any power move such as lifting a hammer to nail something or moving a tennis racket back and forward to swing. It’s as much a mental preparation as physical. Showing a positive attitude is kind of difficult to do when you hitting game is down in the dumps, but it is very important for making your hitting better. Even the best hitters go through slumps. This will eventually happen with any sport because no one can be the best all the time. If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, learn from this experience. Ask those that you trust for feedback on how you can make a change. Most importantly, keep telling yourself that you will get better soon.

            Watch how you hold the bat. Many players make the mistake of holding the bat with their palms rather than their fingertips. Don’t reduce your freedom to move when swinging by holding the bat incorrectly. You need to maintain as much control as you can and stay loosened up in order to meet your goal when swinging the bat. Tenseness will only make you uncomfortable while gripping the bat. Remember, every swing is going to be a little different, based on where the pitcher throws the ball and how fast, so you have to be flexible and able to adjust your swing at the last minute.

          Improving your hitting ability won’t happen overnight. Improving your hitting skill is one of the most difficult baseball skills you can tackle. However the feeling you will get when you hit the ball just the way you hoped to it’s a fantastic feeling. Practice and positivity are key to your success.


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