Teeth Grinding Treatments To Help Your Mouth And Jaw.

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 The following methods can help you to get rid of the harmful habit of teeth grinding.

   There are some vitamin supplements that can help a person stop his or her teeth grinding. Calcium, magnesium and pantothenic acid (B5) can help you calm down your nervous system and reduce your stress levels and that will help you keep your teeth from grinding. You can also help your condition by eating a very balanced diet and avoiding foods with stimulating properties that can aggravate teeth grinding. If you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, try upping your intake of healthy dairy products. If you can eat nonsweetened yogurt this can really help (the sugar in sweetened yogurt is bad for the health of your teeth and increases teeth grinding). If you have a stubborn teeth grinding problem, you may not be able to get rid of it completely with supplements and a better diet, but this can definitely help.

    Teeth grinding can be related to your sleeping habits, especially if the problem occurs when you are sleeping. Lots of people grind their teeth during their waking hours as well as during their sleeping hours but it is easier to control it when you are awake. Not keeping regular sleeping hours could be contributing to your teeth grinding problem. Sometimes changing your sleeping position can really help. Try to get to bed as early as possible, and don’t take any stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol in the evening. Sleeping disorders have also been known to contribute to teeth grinding. Lots of times people who grind their teeth while they sleep also snore or suffer from sleep apnea and your doctor can help you figure out ways to treat these problems.

   Teeth grinding is a problem that can be cured, in the mean time you might try relaxing the muscles in your jaw for some relief before you go to bed. To ease teeth grinding you might try using a warm compress or hot water bottle against your cheek to relax the muscles. Scalding hot is not want you want to use. Heat can be used to relax your jaw muscles before you go to sleep, which may reduce your teeth grinding. While teeth grinding can be a stubborn problem, many people have managed to get over it and so can you. If you have been doing this for an extended period of time, please don’t expect that you can stop all at once. You have to have some patience with yourself and give the teeth grinding treatments some time to work. To improve the condition and help keep your teeth and jaw healthy, you should try to reduce the teeth grinding a little at a time.


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