A Book Review: 'affinity' by Sarah Waters

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Affinity written by Sarah Waters is a spooky, spellbinding novel that is exquisitely written. It is a tale of Victorian spiritualism. My friend recommended that I read this and said that I would love the book. I can tell you that I could not put this book down for a minute. It captured me so much!

What is the Story About?

Affinity is about a Victorian prison. Selina Dawes is a disgraced spiritualist. She is sent to prison for a crime she believes she did not commit. From the dark heart of the Victorian prison, Selina Dawes weaves a spell. Some do not believe in her power and say she is a fraud. What do you believe? Reading this novel you will find yourself believing in magic.

Selina gets a visit from a woman who starts to believe in her. Things get better for her and the story becomes intensely atmospheric. Selina gets to know her and finally feels that she can be happy at last.

Is the Story Good?

The story of Affinity is impeccably paced and cunningly structured. It is a deeply serious novel and a thumping read. It is a long, dark, twisted and a satisfying tale with some great imagination weaved into the story. Sarah Waters tells the story slowly and it gradually weaves in a dark magic that will capture you to no end. You will want to read this book forever and will not want to put it down. Sarah knows how to catch a reader making them want more from her!

Sarah Waters has not written that many novels. I will be reading her other books and the next one will be Fingersmith. Sarah Waters has also written Tipping the Velvet and Nightwatch.

In my opinion, a great book is like heaven when you are reading it and books written by Sarah Waters makes feel this way. It is always nice to sit and read a great book. Don’t you agree?

My friend recommended I read this novel and I was not disappointed in it. I recommend this book to anyone that loves a great tale!


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