T.g.i. Friday's Potato Skins: Cheddar And Bacon

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I have long seen the various T.G.I. Friday’s products in the freezer aisle at my supermarket, but it was not until last year that I decided to finally try a product I have been curious about.  As a result, I actually purchased T.G.I. Friday’s Potato Skins: Cheddar and Bacon multiple times.  To be honest, I would buy this product regularly except for one thing — the price.

Actually, it is the combination of the high price and the small quantity that the package contains.  There are only six pieces in a package that costs almost $5. Sometimes it goes on sale for $3 and that is still very high in my opinion.  I do not know if it is the ingredients or the restaurant brand name that is responsible for the high pricing, but while I do very much enjoy this product, I cannot afford it at all.  There are other varieties I would like to try, but the cost keeps me from buying them.

T.G.I. Friday’s Potato Skins: Cheddar and Bacon are potato skins stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon.  While the instructions provide how to cook them in the oven, I actually use my Presto Pizzazz, and they cook wonderfully on it.  All I have to do is take them out of the box and cook them for a few minutes. The combination of cheese and bacon on the skins is simply delicious.

My main complaint, other than the price, of course, is that the skins tend to be inconsistent.  I have had some that have a nice proportion of the ingredients, but then others do not have an ample amount of cheese and bacon on them.  It can be frustrating.  Some are also more lopsided and can be difficult to place on a tray to cook easily.

On average, however, I do find these to be tasty.  They are definitely for a snack, whether it is a party item or something for an evening or midday treat.  They could also be used as a side dish.

T.G.I. Friday’s Potato Skins: Cheddar and Bacon are tasty and make for good eats; they just need to be lower priced.


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