Ghirardelli Chocolate Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion Bar

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Recently I tried the Ghirardelli Chocolate Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion Bar for the first time.  The reason I tried it is because I had a coupon for a free item from Ghirardelli.  It is actually not that easy to find their products at local stores, but my favorite grocery market does carry a few products on an inconsistent basis.  This one pulled me in because milk chocolate is my favorite.  I was a little skeptical at the same time because it is an all natural bar.

First of all, I love the packaging, which is a lovely royal blue color.  This immediately made the bar stand out to me on the shelf.  I then was drawn to the labeling of it being milk chocolate.  This is a new product, one that contains 32% cacao per the package.  Curious enough, and armed with my free coupon, I added the candy treat to my shopping cart and eventually brought it home with me.

The amount of chocolate is labeled as being 3.5 ounces.  Ghirardelli tends to make their bars breakable in pre-determined sections or squares.  Three of these squares is equal to one serving, and the package says there are “about” 2.5 servings per bar.  This intrigues me, and I wish now that I had measured the bar.  I say this because the reason I had the coupon from the company is because they did some false advertising on a website as to the weight of their products.  I contacted them, complained, and received the coupons.  It has made me very skeptical of the company that I once had total trust for.  So, considering that they make these breakable squares and that there are an equal number of them in a package, it makes me curious about that serving description.

Regardless, the taste is what is important here.  I have to admit that the first square felt off to me.  I did not enjoy it very much, and I thought I had made a mistake.  However, when I went to have another square, I liked it better.  I think perhaps that my taste buds needed to learn the joy of this all natural product because by the time I had the last square, I was devoted to this Creamy Devotion.  It is very good.  It just took me a bit to become accustomed to it.


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