Trust & Communication

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Both trust and communication plays an important role in our life as well as relationship. We need both of them to maintain a good relationship for a long time. Trust and understanding will form a good relationship. Some times we are in need to miss our beloved ones due to various reasons like job, study purpose, going to abroad and so on at this kind of time we must have a proper trust about them as well as communicate with them using the technology items.

In a long distance relationship communication is very important, since we are missing our beloved one and have a lot of trust and faith with them and interested in keeping touch with them to get their updates and share about our present status with them. The modern technology items like internet, cellphone and other gadgets will help us as a great intermediate and communication tool between us and our beloved persons.

It is very hard to imagine a life without communication, since it is playing an important role to keep our relationship for a long time. Trust is also very important in long distance relationship. As our beloved person is far away from us and we don’t have the ability to see him/her by face to face due to the distance. We can see them virtually using this technology devices, but we can’t see them directly. At this kind of time, we must surely have a lot of trust and faith with our beloved person and believe them fully.

If we are living far away from our beloved person, we must be loyal to them and fulfill their faith with our activities. Since we are committed, we must be loyal to the person whoever have trust with us to keep our relationship for a long time.

In my opinion both trust and communication is having equal preference in long relationship. Without communication we don’t know about the status of the person as well as without trust, it is hard to keep our relationship in a good manner. 

What is your opinion about this? Do you ever had distance relationship? Which will get the first preference from you if you are in distance relationship? Do you give importance to trust or communication? What will be your choice?


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