Marie Callender's Fresh Mixers: Meatball Lasagna

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As a pasta lover who also loves easy to prepare products, I decided to give the fairly new Marie Callender’s Fresh Mixers: Meatball Lasagna a try when I saw it on sale at my local grocery store. Usually when I experiment, it is with an on sale product.  I like the Marie Callender brand quite a lot, so am also pretty willing to try out meals from them that I might not from other companies.

The Fresh Mixers line is branded as being more healthy than, say, frozen food options.  It takes a bit more work, though not really that much.  Compared to cooking from scratch, it is a snap, and the truth is that it only takes a minute.

The package calls the product a “freshly prepared meal creation.”  It contains 310 calories with 14 grams fat, 760mg sodium, and 20mg cholesterol.

There are three steps in making this meal.  First is the prep, which again is fairly simple.  You do have to adjust the strainer per the instructions on the package.  Then you cook the product in the microwave.  When it is done, it does need to be strained as this product is somewhat steam cooked so the water added at the beginning of the preparation stage needs to be drained now.  Once done, you have to mix the two types of food in the product, which in this case is the sauce.  In fact, the sauce needs to be heated as well.

For me, the straining is the worst part, only because I actually do not eat in my kitchen and oftentimes, I use a microwave that is not in the kitchen, either, so when I choose to have any of the Fresh Mixers, it means I have to definitely cook in my kitchen or do something outside of my norm.  It may seem weird, but we all have our own styles.  My kitchen is very small, so there is not all that much room to do things, which makes using other areas easier sometimes.

At any rate, on the whole, I do like the product.  The meatballs are very good, although they are also very tiny.  The pasta is fairly tasty, enough to make the meal appropriate for a quick lunch.


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