Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles: Cheese Sauce, Egg & Bacon

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Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles: Cheese Sauce, Egg & Bacon is a product I purchased because I love convenience and have some trust for the Pillsbury brand.  This trust is guarded, however, because it actually is about a 60/40 split as to whether or not a new product is to my liking or not.  They just have not been reliable.  My experience with this product was originally mixed, but then I noticed something on the package that got my attention and which has made a difference, along with another practice I have learned over time.

The instructions for these breakfast pastries say to toast the pastry for 1 to 2 cycles.  I am not sure the “1 or 2” was always there, but it has made a difference.  Actually, one thing that I do sometimes is run the toaster without the pastry.  That heats it up so that when I take the pastry out, it is now and hot on the outside.

However, it still is not heated on the inside.  Sometimes I do put the pastry through a second cycle, but I do not often do that because the other piece of instruction that I have discovered seems to work better. Thus, my routine tends to be to run the toaster on empty, then toast the pastry, and then do as the package suggests and microwave the pastry for just 10 seconds or so.  The result of this has turned out a tasty product that is consistent.  As a result, I do now purchase Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles: Cheese Sauce, Egg & Bacon with regularity.

Specifically, the product consists of cheese sauce, scrambled eggs, and bacon which are wrapped inside a crispy pastry crust.  The mixture is pretty good and gives me a quick feeling of having some of my favorite breakfast foods in the morning when I do not feel like actually cooking anything.

Claims made on the package is that the product has zero trans fat and is made with real scrambled eggs and bacon.  I usually get the package of 6.  Each pastry is 170 calories.

While this is not the same has having these foods from scratch, the pastries are satisfying.


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