Casper The Friendly Ghost: Collector's Edition Dvd Set

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Casper the Friendly  Ghost: Collector’s Edition DVD set aka: The Complete Collection 1945-1963 is awesome.  I cannot describe how much I enjoyed going back in time to watch one of my favorite cartoon characters, Casper.  He is adorable, the friendliest and cutest little ghost ever animated.  Every moment was fun, even though my adult self now recognizes the patterns and such of the production.

A really nice piece included with the set is a booklet with lots of neat Casper information and facts, written by Mark Arnold.

I love the cheerful cover on the box of Casper, which is great to display on the shelf.  The set has two slim packs, one with Casper on the artwork and one with Casper and his friend, Wendy the Good Witch who I have always loved, on it.

There are 3 disks in the set, 2 in the first slim pack and the third in the second slim pack.

There are several commentaries included.  Some are pointed out on the main menu under “special features” but others are not.  You have to find those by going into the episode selection option.  Once you do, the shows with the commentaries have asterisks by them.

A bonus item is a gallery of Casper comic book covers.  While I enjoyed seeing the gallery, there was no musical presentation to it, and that made it a bit dull to watch.  They could have easily used the theme song to Casper and looped it a few times because the gallery is quite long.

Another fun piece contains interviews with some of the voices from the Casper cartoons.  Included in this is the daughter of the voice of Wendy who happens to be Alison Arngrim of Little House on the Prairie.  It was her mother, Norma MacMillan, who voiced Wendy and some of the other characters.

Most of these cartoons are about 5 minutes in length.  As you watch them in order, you see just how much many of the stories are the same thing, and yet, you still get hooked in.  However, a few of the plots did alter from the standard pattern and added extra interest.

Regardless, I love this set.  It’s great for kids.


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