The Best of Jack Benny Dvd Set

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For many years, TV viewers flocked to watch Jack Benny do his comedy show.  His stable of talents, which included announcer Don Wilson, sidekick Rochester, singer Dennis Day, and real wife, Mary Livingston, were very popular.  Now many of these shows are included in The Best of Jack Benny DVD set. However, it is important to note that this is the best of Benny and not the best of his show.

The set is comprised of four DVDs with 39 programs in all, each in a black sleeve.  The bad part is that the four DVDs are just pushed down behind slots in this box holder.  It is a very cheap way of putting together a set.  The paper sleeves hold the disks but can also damage them, so it is important to handle the sleeves carefully when extracting the DVDs.

At least the set includes a “play all” feature on all of them, so that you can enjoy the contents of an entire disk without having to start each show individually.

The shows in this set are not all episodes of The Jack Benny Show, but include other programs that Benny appeared in.  I actually was happy to see that because I rather enjoyed these other programs.  Some of these other programs were March of Time: Show Business at War which was like a newsreel episode and had a slew of top stars from the day; General Electric Theater with host Ronald Reagan; You Can Change the World which is this interesting somewhat religious themed show with William Holden, Loretta Young, Bing Crosby, Ann Blyth, Irene Dunne; and The Bing Crosby Show.

The disk contents are printed on the back of the case and on the disks, all of which are numbered.

I do like the type of case holder this is as it is plastic and more durable than the normal cardboard ones.  The artwork is typical of Benny, who is in his “Well” stance, and it includes Rochester, looking over at Benny as only he could do.  This image is used on all of the disks as well.

Overall, this provides a lot of great comedy.  While there are imperfections in sound and audio sometimes, it is still worth it.


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