Gidget: The Complete Series Dvd Set

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Gidget: The Complete Series DVD set provides a decent amount of entertainment for the surfer fan or anyone who likes clean comedy from the sixties.  It comes in a colorful box that features a cover with a promotional shot of Sally Field as Gidget and Don Porter as her father on it.  The back has several other color shots from the series, including one with Pete Duel, who played Gidget’s brother-in-law, John.

Gidget, of course, is a teenager.  The comedy series is somewhat loyal to the movies that preceded it, but even the movies twisted things around in terms of character names and parents.  There is a Moondoggie in the show who is away at college, but who pops up in a recurring fashion.  The sister and her husband are new.  In the movies, Gidget was always an only child.  Both of her parents were alive in those films, but here her father is a widower.

This is a four disk set, two disks in each slim pack, and the two slim packs slipping into the box holder.  Field is pictured on one slim pack and Porter on the other with the back covers of each containing the contents of the two disks that it holds.  Each DVD disk is numbered and contains a picture of Field.

Fortunately, there is my favorite option, a “play all” button. I consider this important for any set I watch.

The set includes the original pilot for Gidget, which is not all that different from what actually aired.

Also included is a featurette that looks back at the series and actually includes an interview with Sally Field.  This was so shocking to me because there was a time in her career when she spoke in a negative fashion about her early TV work that included this series and The Flying Nun.  I do not know if she has matured and learned to appreciate that without these shows, she never would have won an Oscar, or if money talked and she just said what folks would want to hear.  Either way, I did actually enjoy what she added to the set by talking about the show, her co-stars, and the entire filming process.


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