Adam-12: Season 5 Dvd Set

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Adam-12: Season 5 DVD set is another happy delight for fans of this police drama that starred Martin Milner and Kent McCord.  From Jack Webb, the show ran for 7 seasons on NBC.  Its first season release onto DVD was a disaster, thanks to poor production values from Universal Studios.  Thankfully, Shout Factory took over release of the subsequent seasons and there have been no major issues as a result.

This set contains 24 episodes on four DVDs that are contained in two slim packs.  The slim packs then settle into a standard box case that pictures Martin Milner and Kent McCord in a promotional shot on the cover.  The back has more color shots and the write up.

There are more serious images of Milner and McCord used as close up covers, with Milner on the first slim pack and McCord on the second.  The back covers contain an index of what is on the disks with episode descriptions provided.

Each disk has its own slot in the slim packs and each has a photo of the one or both of the actors.  The disks are numbered.

The bad news is that there are no extras on the set.  Even so, seeing these shows again, without commercial interruption and having been edited to exclude several important episode elements, is worth every penny.

On the plus side, the “play all” option is included. I always mention this in my reviews because to me it is among the most valuable menu options and should be standard on all sets, but is not.

Guest stars in this fifth season included Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees, Tina Sinatra and Frank Sinatra Jr. who are real-life brother and sister and yet had them dating in the episode, Marie Windsor, Sandra Gould, Juanita Moore who plays a civilian police commissioner in a two-part episode, Lurene Tuttle, Jed Allen, and football star Joe Kapp.  Gary Crosby is also seen several times in his recurring role of Officer Ed Wells.

There is also a crossover episode called Lost and Found where cast members from Emergency! appear.  This includes Robert Fuller and Randy Mantooth.


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