The Shaggy D.a.: The Canine Candidate Edition Dvd

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In the 1960s, families enjoyed watching a Disney film called The Shaggy Dog.  It was a huge hit.  Many years later, Disney did a sequel of sorts called The Shaggy D.A.  It actually picked up the main character as an adult.  This brings us to the subject of this review — The Shaggy D.A.: The Canine Candidate Edition DVD.

The cover of the case pictures the shaggy dog, along with stars Dean Jones, Suzanne Pleshette, and Tim Conway.  There are other pictures and the write up about the movie on the back.  The disk itself has another shot of the dog (probably the one with the little person in a costume versus the actual dog as the movie used both, depending on what was needed in the shot).

As for the technical specs, the movie is presented in Dolby Digital mono sound.  It also includes a Spanish track, French track, and French subtitles. The movie is shown in widescreen that is enhanced for 16:9 television.

The DVD contains some bonus material, including two featurettes: Putting on the Dog and The Good, The Bad and The Funny.  Both have a lot of interesting information about the production.

There is also an audio commentary track with Jo Anne Worley, Dick Van Patten, and Tim Conway.  All three sets of remarks are done alone, though, and then interspersed as appropriate.  It worked out pretty well because their remarks often complimented what others talked about.

The only part that bugged me was that Conway sometimes treated the commentary like a stand up routine, and I just did not like the way it worked out.  He really understood the filmmaking aspects and had some valuable contributions, but there were just too many times when he tried to turn it into a joke and, as I said, that did not go over with me.

Worley actually focused a lot on the technical elements, as if trying to educate the listening on movie making tricks and such.  I was not expecting that from her, so it was a surprise.

On the whole, this DVD was fun to watch.  The extras helped provide some insight, and the comedy is definitely old school Disney.


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