Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: The 100% Complete Series 1959-1964 Dvd Set

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The Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: The 100% Complete Series 1959-1964 consists of 18 disks that comprise the five seasons of the animated series.  The set includes Rocky and Bullwinkle and all the other cartoons that were part of it like Dudley DooRight.

Seasons 1, 3, 4, and 5 consists of 4 disks each, all of which are thankfully single sided.  Season 2 also has four disks, but they are double sided, meaning no artwork and you have to flip over the disks to get all of the shows.  Also, not every season has the disks marked with the season, so sometimes you may know it is disk 2 of a season, but not what season it is from.

The case is very sturdy.  It’s a very strong box.  The lid actually folds open so it is always attached to the main portion.  It even has interior imaging.

However, the disk management in terms of how the disks are placed is annoying, frustrating, and potentially harmful, especially to the two-sided disks.  The disks slip in between the cardboard separators and a thinner piece of cardboard that is very tightly affixed to the thicker section.  This means you are having to slide the disks down this really narrow space.  Scratching the disks could be easily done, and worse, trying to extract each disk is a nuisance and could easily result in smudging and damaging each one.  I do not understand this ridiculous setup.  Did not anyone try to do this themselves?  If you have big fingers, watch out because it is not easy to take out and put back these disks.

There is a very nice book that accompanies the set.  It goes into the show, the characters, and the performers.  Lots of pictures are included.  It really is a great read.  The only negative is that the index of all 18 disks are in this book, so that means you have to take out the book to find what you want.  It would have been nicer to have a separate index to use.

I was happy to see the disks had chapter marks that went from section to section and not just show to show.  It was very easy to find all of the Mr. Peabody sections, which are my favorite in this series.  All the disks have my favorite “play all” feature as well, and if you go into the episode selection, you get the breakdown of the show sections so you can go directly to what you want, like the Aesop and Son Fables.


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