The Best Home Business For People 50+

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In many cases, people have to change their careers due to lay-offs, differences with their bosses, changes in nature of work, closure of companies, transfers of workplace, incompatibility with colleagues or non-interest in the work being done. This could be in the age group around 40-50. Of late, longevity having increased, people in higher age groups also want to remain engaged, as well as to earn some money, in addition to the retirement funds & income. When a person starts a business from his home, he will be the boss himself & hence, there is no question of problems, such as stated above.

However, we should select that work to be done from home, in which we have knowledge, expertise, experience & above all, interest. The emphasis here should be, on profitable & interesting engagement of time. In seventy Chapters contained in four sections of this book, the authors give details of various types of businesses, which such people can start, & continue working for 10 to 25 years.

These businesses are amenable to different locations, flexible hours of working, & various standards of health of the person etc. All these can be started from home,in the middle age or around retirement time, & we can derive pleasure & happiness in doing these works. The section “serving business clients” contains 13 businesses, like consultant, editing, medical billing, medical coding, technical writer etc.

The section “serving businesses & consumers” contains 16 businesses, like computer consultant, coach, mediator, security consultant, tax preparer, writer etc. The section “helping individuals & families” has 22 businesses, like direct selling, elder care, child care, gardening, home inspector, tutoring, wedding-planner etc. The section “turning your hobby into income” contains 19 businesses, like astrologer, candle making, photographer, soap making, travel services etc. For each of these businesses, the format followed by the author is generally similar e.g. as given here: name of business (e.g. book keeper);this business(book keeper) at a glance; likely transferable skills, background, careers; what to charge; best ways to get business; marketing insights; where next; training/books/website/courses; franchise; from the home front.

In one of the Chapters, the authors discuss the business of “Technical writer”. This is for those persons, who are good at explaining technical matters. Especially, when a new product with new technology is introduced, documents for explanation, design specification, instructions to customers for its handling & use, marketing brochure, article in a journal, press release for the media may be required. The technical writer must first understand the product fully, know the exact purpose for which the script is required, & then write in a simple language. Once we are able to make a beginning, repeat assignments for similar works, will start coming from different sources.

The skills in writing, also improve with time & experience. We should post our resume on on-line agencies, contact agencies for placement, contact companies directly for work, take visible part in trade associations, advertise on websites & in trade publications, write for a trade publication & create a website etc. If we think we need some training courses for writing, we should choose & participate in them.

The authors give details of organizations, books, courses etc. for getting help for this purpose. This book provides, many similar possibilities of businesses available to us, & by contacting & obtaining information from different sources, we can go forward in the business of our choice, for ultimate success, income, pleasure & happiness. 


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