Prices & Specs Sony Xperia Sora

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Sony Xperia Sora brings the touchscreen bar with spacious design screen 3.7 inch scratch-resistant and equipped with Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine which makes the phone screen is sharp and very clear.

Technology embedded Floating Navigation Touch on this phone it’s possible the user browsing the internet without having to touch the screen. Is so, no need to touch the screen?

Actually not completely correct. When browsing the website of this mobile phone is able to detect the movement of a finger anywhere near the screen. Then automatically, links existing ter-highlight. But to pick a link, we should still be touching a finger to the link that has been in the spotlight. This feature is the built-in Browser of Xperia Sola. Well obviously not the function of the new Floating Touch?

There is also a live wallpaper (live wallpaper) that reacts with Floating Touch ™ input, provide Xperia ™ sola feelings that are almost magical.

Sony Xperia Sora runs on Android Gingerbread base and will be provided to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwiches in the near future. Sola performance of course reliable thanks to the use of chipset STE NovaThor U8500 Dual Core processor, 1 GHz.

U8500 Platform using SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing) with dual core technology of high-end 3D graphics accelerator, which allows users to access all the features of the website in full.

Xperia ™ sora also comes with ARM Mali-400 GPU chipset (OpenGL ES 2.0) that is able to provide accelerated 2D and 3D performance with up to 1080p resolution.

Sony, such as the Sony Ericsson back repeating the same mistake; phone minus the second camera.This error is to make Sony will lose customers because many do not support video calls via the secondary camera. What is it with Sony Mobile Communication?

But regardless of the error, what is the main camera should be appreciated. The availability of various features to maximize image quality keeps users can rely on this as cameraphones 5MP media documentation standards.

features Sonny Xperia Sora

  • 1 GHz STE U8500 Dual Core Processor.

  • ARM® Mali™ 400 GPU and NEON®CPU extensions.

  • Networks: Quad EDGE/GSM/GPRS 850, 900, 1800, 1900; W-CDMA Band I, II, V and VIII.

  • Support for floating touch™ technology.

  • Launched with Google™ Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread), upgraded to Android™ 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) during the second quarter of 2012.

  • 8 GB (up to 5 GB user-accessible memory) internal phone storage.

  • 512 MB RAM.

  • microSD™ card, up to 32 GB.

  • 5 MP Camera resolution.

  • 16x digital zoom.

  • 720p HD video recording.

  • Supports NFC.

  • Includes 3D surround sound.

  • Includes Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine.

  • Supports Bluetooth™.

  • DLNA Certified®.

  • Support GPS.

Installed apps & services:

  • PlayNow™ service*.

  • TrackID™ music recognition*.

  • Facebook inside Xperia™.

  • Sony Entertainment Network*.

  • Sony channel in Play Shop*.

  • This service is not available in all markets

There has been no official information from Sony officials surrounding the selling price of Sola. For sure the handset is available in three color options; Red, black, and white, this will begin to be available in the second quarter of this year. We wait its presence in Indonesia next June.


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