Building Your Business With Honesty And Integrity

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“Honesty is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard.
And mostly what I need from you.”
From Billy Joel’s song, Honesty

Honesty and integrity. No matter what business you’re in, or what your products or services may be, these two principles should be at the top of your list of offerings. The economy is hard, competition is great and it’s not easy to set yourself or your business apart from the pack. Every day we hear horror stories about how people have been lied to, scammed or worse. That makes it ten times harder for those of us who are honest to gain the trust of prospective clients.

That being said, we must conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in our business dealings. We must follow through with promises, keep our word, and always do our best for our clients. Even at times when things might not be going exactly the way we expected, it is important to be honest. Most people will appreciate your honesty, and will allow you the time to get through the issue.

We all know that there are many people out there in business that don’t believe in operating this way. They’d rather make the “fast buck”, get your money and move on. Some may even appear to be very successful at this approach, but eventually they will fail.

There’s an old saying by Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” When your method of operation is to fool people instead of to serve them, ultimately the time will come when your reputation precedes you (not in a good way) and there are no more people to fool (even some of the time).

On the other hand, if you deal with honesty and integrity, say what you mean and do what you say, you will build a loyal customer base. Deliver what you promise and then a little bit more if you can, and your customers will sing your praises. Let them know that their success (not just their check) is important to you, and they will pave the way for your success.


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