Cooking Experience

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Cooking is a great art, which can be learn with our interest. Every one likes their mother’s cooking style and follow it. Mother is the first teacher for us in cooking. I always watch the cooking way of my mother and get impressed by her activities. I clearly observe her cooking style and learnt a lot from it.

Once my father mother and other family members went to a function. At that time i have an exam, so i am unable to go with them. On that day i come home at the noon time after finishing my exam. But my mother don’t make any food for me, as she don’t have time to prepare food for me. I prepared some food for me, it was the first time which i started cooking. Till today i remember the incident.  

I am not a great cook, but i am very much interested in cooking and know a little bit about cooking.I am interested in cooking healthy foods. Healthy foods always gives a good health to us with good taste to our tongue. Most of the time i like to eat salads, fruit juices. I always try my maximum to avoid oily foods, they are not good to our health.

I like to use some herbs in my cooking, i use ginger, garlic and some other good items in my food at week ends, it will clear unwanted things from our stomach and give freeness to ourselves. 

I am interested in self cooking and i will cook food in the week ends. I know cooking very well and enjoy it a lot. I have the ability to cook food by my own with out the help of my wife, as i know cooking better than my wife. Some times i am getting bored with my wife’s food and ready to cook by my own. My wife and kids will enjoy my food a lot and like to eat it a lot.   

My wife is a great fan of noodles, i will cook noodles with a great taste, every week end i will prepare noodles for her sake, some times if i am bored with my online activities and want some break from online, i will go to my kitchen and prepare some new recipes. Cooking is a great art, which have the ability to give  lot of fun and pleasure to us as well as food is very essential for our life, so we must know about cooking, it will help us whenever needed.   

Cooking is an art which needs a lot of concentration, if we focus our full concentration in the food while cooking and do our activity with interest, surely our recipe will be liked by every one, even the person whoever hate some ingredient  in the food also enjoy the food, if it is prepared in a good manner. Anything which is done with our full interest will give a good result to us.


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