Using Ppc Ads To Get Traffic

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One of the best ways to get traffic is ppc. Attracting organic traffic to a website is extremely difficult, particularly when the website is new; unless the website is in a small niche, getting to the top of the search engines’ results will take time, effort and money, so website owners are forced to look to other traffic sources to bring in some traffic in the meantime in order to make money from their website. One of the best sources of traffic is setting up a Pay Per Click, or PPC, campaign.

While most sources of paid traffic should generally be avoided, PPC traffic is a great way to bring in targeted visitors quickly and easily. You only pay when a user actually clicks through to your site, so PPC is relatively risk free; if the advert doesn’t attract traffic, you won’t have to pay. When setting up a PPC campaign you can choose the wording of your advert, which is then displayed on relevant websites.

Google Adwords, the most popular of the PPC advertising companies, uses a complex algorithm to ensure that adverts are always shown on relevant websites, or to people who appear interested and have recently searched for related terms. Because the advert is usually only shown to people who have already shown some of interest in the keywords used in your advert, either by visiting a related website or by searching, the users who visit your website through PPC adverts are targeted to your niche, and interested in reading your website. For websites which promote products or services, this is invaluable, as there is a much higher chance of the visitor purchasing their product than if the person arrived at the website through another means.

The downside to using PPC for your traffic is that it can be expensive if used for any prolonged periods. For websites promoting products this is fine, as they can balance out the cost of their PPC campaign against the money earned from the extra sales which the campaign has provided, and they should turn a profit over the course of their campaigns if managed correctly. For information based sites, however, using PPC campaigns regularly would become a huge expense, and any income generated from advertising on the site is unlikely to match the cost of the campaign.

As well as delivering targeted traffic to your website, PPC campaigns can be an excellent way to experiment with your website. Changing the wording and layout of your landing page between campaigns and then monitoring the changes in conversion rates can be extremely helpful to identify what your visitors like and do not like.

Overall, PPC campaigns are an excellent way to generate traffic, particularly for sites which are promoting a product, but for information sites it can be a good short term source of traffic.


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