What is Coincidence?

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Everything in our life is happen with some reason or for some sake. Sometimes we face some coincidence in our life. This kind of co incidence may or may not have any meaning but they will happen in our life with or without our expectation.

Most of us have faith with God and believe all the things are happening in our life as per his wish and order. This kind of coincident events are also a play by god. Some times we expect some thing in our life and the same thing will happen in a coincidence manner, surely we will get a lot of excitement with the result. Some times we face some unexpected things in our life with this co incidence. Since our life is unpredictable and we don’t know what will happen in our next moment.

Some persons have great faith with co incidence and expect a lot of things in their life. Some of their expectations will be fulfilled and they are happy with it and some of them will give disappointment to them. Whatever the result is they always believe about co incidence and live their life with expectations and hope all of their expectation will come true.

Some others believe that co incidence is a set of unexpected things which is happen instantly in our life. Different kind of people is having their own definition for co incidence. Some believe that it is based on expected results and some other believes that it is a combination of unexpected things. It is really hard to give a proper definition to co incidence. But our life is filled with unexpected things, as we don’t have the ability to predict about our life properly without facing the situation. Since we are living an unpredictable life.

What do you think about coincidence? Do you have faith with it? Do you believe all things in our life is happening based on co incidence? What is your definition for co incidence? Do you ever faced good or bad things in your life due to co incidence? Is it common to every person?


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