Tips to Stand Out Online

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Tips to Stand Out Online

Many people don’t know how to generate website traffic. Here are 6 tips that will let you know how to market your website.

1.) How old is your domain?

If you have an older URL, then chances are that your business has withstood the test of time. Google sees this to mean that your business is more legitimate than another with a newer domain.

2.) Where is your website Hosted?

Be sure to use a hosting company that is based in the same country as your business. Google rankings can be affected by location.

3.) How should I structure my content?

ALWAYS write lots of current, relevant content. Search engines think that people are more likely to seek out new information and will rank sites with lots of current content higher. Having relevant content means that your content should be important to the topic of your site. Make sure you write your content to be valuable to the end user. Don’t write content with the soul purpose of search engine optimization. Chances are that it will be keyword loaded and not make much sense to people who read it. If nobody reads/watches it, then there is no point to making it easily searchable.

4.) How should my site be internally linked?

People visiting your site should be able to easily get to any page, from any page. Make sure the site is clean and well organized. Use JavaScript and Flash sparingly as it will slow down the load times of your site.

5.) What should my keywords be?

Optimize your website for keywords. First and foremost they should be relevant to your business. Always think, “what would my ideal customer likely type in to Google when looking for my company?” Keywords should have a lot of daily traffic, a low number of competitors using them, and a large amount of money being spent on them daily.

6.) How should I handle links?

Your outbound links should be relevant to your business category. DO NOT USE LINK FARMS! More important than outbound links (which send visitors away from your site) is inbound links (which bring visitors to your site). List your business in lots of relevant online directories. Every business listing should have your company; name, phone number, web address, and physical address. These listings should all be exactly the same. Each directory will backlink to your site. Posting lots of current relevant content and including your URL will help generate backlinks as well. Search engines see a site with lots of backlinks as more relevant.


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