Soccer Ball Control

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Soccer is a sport, which is played by two teams, every team should have eleven players, only the goalkeeper is allowed to use his hands, he also can use his feet, knees, shoulders and especially the head as well the entire players can.

The objective of the game is to make more goals than the other team. But, because the ball generally spins over the land, the most used part of the body to control the ball is the feet. It doesn’t matter if you have great alignments on the field, or if the team is perfectly motivated, if there is not two or three player with an excellent control of the ball, your chances to win a match are scarce.

There are many examples of teams that have won championships thanks to his skillful players, we can remember for example: Netherlands with Van Vasten or Johan Cruyf, Brazil with Pele or Ronaldo, Argentina with Maradona or Messi, Germany with Beckenbauer; these players also gave their local teams the chance to win many championships.

Some people believe that a player who plays better with the left foot are better than those with the right foot; I think that the best players have an excellent control of the ball with both feet.

It is tough to get a good ball control, you cannot achieve this skill easily, there lots o hours of training behind the talented players, some players use to train after everybody has left the practice, at night, in their houses, with many kind of balls, for example, balls of tennis, ping-pong, volleyball and others.

There is no limit to creativity; every time and place is good for training. It is good also to watch videos on the internet, nowadays the soccer free style is on its peak of popularity, although, to play in a field is different than to play alone in the streets; but the results of doing this are enjoyable.

After a few weeks you can improve a lot, then you could enjoy a nice dribbling, an amazing goal or easily to get the ovation of the public and your team mates. Finally, I would recommend that is better to play enjoying the game than suffering to win, try to enjoy first and the good results will come after you can control the ball.


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