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(Latin: de – prefix denoting Department + reflexio – reflection) – psychotherapeutic technique consists in the fact that the patient is suffering from one or another functional symptom, put to task to reconcile with him, perceiving it as an unavoidable evil. In the situation causing the symptoms, you should turn your attention to the impaired function in other activities, giving new meaning to the situation (because of this situation is no longer seen as another attempt to get rid of the symptom, and is regarded as a new way to be in it).

The mechanism of action of this method is considered a change of “the emotions of giperstentsion” (when the emotions act as a core value), the “transcendence”, which means the focus on substantive relationships and universal values. This not only removed the subjective symptoms of functional pain, but because they move the focus to other processes can be eliminated. This technique has much in common with “conditioning time “in the classical theory of learning, in which a long no reinforcement of the conditioned reflex leads to its extinction.

This is the most effective therapeutic method with hypochondriacally symptoms, in which organic processes are at the center of attention the patient.

Speaking of Dereflection, I meant it was “human” (purely psychological) rather than “an esoteric approach to the problem of suffering. With” esoteric “approach, everything is clear: the suffering DOES NOT EXIST, it remains only to understand it. 

I’m about 3 years so “not thinking” about the problem. At first it was hard as the thought appeared, I have deliberately replaces it with others. It was torture, the thought has appeared with a frequency of five minutes, the situation was very traumatic. Then it was to work out more easily. And after nearly three years I thought the problem was forgotten. When once familiar to the psychologist found out about it, she was horrified. Been driven into the subconscious of the problem has generated a host of other domestic.
At Vipassanā I realized that this is true. Driven into the problem, unresolved situations, blocks accumulate in the body, causing diseases. They are called samkary and some practice, you can work with them to see what the unit corresponds to what the situation from the past.


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