Love Quotes For Your Loved Ones

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Communication is one of the most important factors in building a strong relationship with anyone else, especially with your loved ones. It could be done verbally or non-verbally or either of these two. It could be as simple as a text message with a love quote or as cheap as an old bag but as special as a precious gift. 

Now, speaking of text messages, many relationships in the whole world depend on the power of cellphones. Through short message service or SMS, many people are able to express what they want to say to their loved ones.This could be very helpful, especially for those having long-distance relationships. Text messages with feelings or love quotes really work in maintaining their love for each other.

I can easily say these things because I myself have experienced long distance relationship. I went through maintaining the love and affection of my girlfriend to me as his loving boyfriend for years now through sending her love quotes everyday which I personally made. Here are some of those love quotes that really helped me in winning my girlfriend’s heart every single day:

“When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and no other love can break them apart.”

“Relationship is not about age, not about distance, nor about communicating each other every single day. It’s about TRUST and LOYALTY. The trust of a girl to her man, and the loyalty of a man to his girl.

“Happiness is what I feel when I’m with you and completeness is what I feel when you’re with me.”

“It doesn’t matter how long or how short you’ve stayed in my life. What matters most is the fact that you’ve come into my life.”

“Even if I don’t see you, even if we have less talks, less hello’s, less stories, and less greetings, always remember that my love for you will NEVER be less.”

“When you have nothing left in your life but love, then for the first time you become aware that LOVE IS ENOUGH.”

“If I was out of time and I could pick one day or one moment and keep it new, of all the days I have lived in this world, I would simply pick the day that I first met you.”

“Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close at heart.”

“Love takes effort and acceptance. It won’t always be a happy ride. You’ll cry when you’re hurt, you’ll be sad when ignored, but hold on and always remember: LOVE HURTS WHEN IT’S REAL.”

“When I say ‘I love you’, no one in this world can ever love you more than I do.”

“I’ll never have any thought of leaving you because my heart would stop beating if I’d lost you.”

“My heart may stop beating but it won’t cease loving you.”

“You don’t have to worry so much. I LOVE YOU. And if you ask me ‘until when’? My answer will be ‘I don’t know’, because I really don’t know which one is longer, FOREVER or ALWAYS?”

Those are just simple love quotes I personally made from the creativity of my mind and feelings of my heart. I specially made those lines for my girlfriend which she really appreciated. There are lot more I can still create and send to her daily and I will never stop doing so because she is the only girl for me.

Communication is always a key for a stronger relationship. Whether it’s a close relationship or long distance relationship as long as communication is present, couples can maintain both love and understanding within themselves. But if you are into a long distance relationship, try making love quotes everyday and send them to your special someone. In doing so, you will let them feel that even though you are far from them, your presence is still within their reach.


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