Benefits of Blog Commenting On What There Commentluv

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CommentLuv is a plugin that is installed on a blog to allow the commentator to leave the article link in the comments. This plugin will retrieve data from the feed and then display it. A lot of benefit if we want to comment on blogs that have CommentLuv.

Benefits of using CommentLuv plugin together for blog owners and visitors. The blog owner will be swamped with traffic and visitors can leave comments to the two links at once, the link that leads to the homepage and a link that leads to the article. Delicious is not it?

Nor others, I myself was happy to comment on blogs that have CommentLuv. Usually this blog as I will use as a new promotional article published.

The use CommentLuv plugin for blogs Indonesia is not so popular. You could say we rarely encounter CommentLuv blogs that exist in the country. I think the only good-hearted people who want to install this plugin.

How to find blogs that have CommentLuv
Because of scarcity, we must look for blogs that have CommentLuv special way, namely to open a Google search page and type in: CommentLuv Enabled keyword. I note that the bold typed words in the search box. Keyword is the key word being searched. For example: how to get backlinks CommentLuv Enabled. It will display the blogs or websites that CommentLuv plugin installed and have the article in accordance with the keyword being searched.

Open one at a website and began reading the article. If we pleased we could leave a comment there. We can check the CommentLuv option under the comment box if you want to link the last article. Or even have a blog that provides links to the article last 10 options you want displayed.

If we’re having trouble finding blogs that have CommentLuv in the country, we can look at these blogs abroad, due to the use CommentLuv plugin is very popular abroad. Many sites are installing CommentLuv overseas in an effort to pamper guests. I myself prefer blogwalking to blogs that have CommentLuv abroad.

To comment on blogs abroad, the conditions should comment written in English. If you are not good at English can use Google Translate. Translate first article and its comments, and then think about what should be delivered. Make a comment in Indonesian first and then translated into English. Edit a little bit so that language is not rigid.

If a comment is approved by the blog owner, we include articles that link will go popular. Not only that, our comments will also be featured in the Top Commentator by the blog owner. An advantage again, right? And often I experienced this when I blogwalking on foreign blogs.

Thus, commenting on blogs that have CommentLuv plugin is very useful. Especially if our article is the latest article, the article will be quickly indexed by search engines.


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