Facing Rejections

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Article writing is a great art and we must be proud about ourselves with our writing activities. Some times our articles may be rejected by some sites due to some reasons. But we never give up our hope and don’t quit our work. We must try our best to find out the fault and rectify it for future activities.

Don’t be depressed with rejections. This kind of rejections will give motivation to us and we are curious to know about the reason for the rejection and improve our writing activity after finding the fault. Some sites require high standard for our writing. Better to join with normal article sites at the beginning and improve our writing skills with them. After getting an excellent writing skill, we can join with this kind of high standard sites.

Lot of sites are available for article writing and some sites allow us to republish our articles and give our payment based on the page views and advertisement clicks. Better to join with this kind of revenue sharing article writing sites at the beginning and improve our writing skills with them. Using this sites we can reuse our article as well as gain good experience in writing. We can improve our spelling and grammar with this sites by writing continuous articles.

Some persons may leave the site for this kind of rejections. But this activity is wrong. Quitting a site for rejection is not a solution for your problem, you must find the fault and rectify it to get approval instead of quitting the site 

Not every one get success in their first attempt, some person may face failure and rejection in their first try and they will learn a lot with their experience and achieve in the future based on the experience. Don’t discourage with this kind of rejection and try your maximum to write your articles with good spelling and grammar to avoid rejections and find the reason for the rejection to avoid it in the future. All the best for all the article writers to shine in writing world.

What about you? Do you ever faced rejections with your articles? Will you give up the site for rejection? in what ways do you face the rejection? Do you get motivation with it? What is your opinion about rejections and rejected articles?


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