The Ainol Novo 7 Aurora is Really Adore at First Sight

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With the aid of the very Ainol Novo 7 Aurora, Ainol is constantly on the defy the well-known fabrication which the great-looking Android os tablet may have to charge an arm and a leg, designing tablet pcs that cost you a small part of what the competition requests their specific devices on the similar performance grade.

Of course, the value is very competitive, and even you’d usually suspicious that an excellent Android product so low-priced will be another bargain-bin pain, made of plastic and even suitable for nothing but to provide your six-year-old a single thing to play with on your subsequent long car trip. However make no mistake, the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora could be deemed as a high-end Android device, and just one glimpse at the display is just like noticing your first high-school crush for the first time again.

First of all you may be bound to recognize after driving on a Ainol Novo 7 Aurora for the first occasion is simply just how excellent and energetic the display is. The Aurora sports a seven-inch IPS capacitive multi-touch display screen in a very full 16:9 facet ratio, with a crisp 6.1 megapixel display. What that translates to in lower geeky situations is among the juiciest, sexiest displays within the Android operating system market place. To compare and contrast, a real 24-inch LED TV which generally costs as much as the Aurora may have got, pixel-for-pixel, on the same image resolution. Whenever you place the Aurora side-by-side along with any type of a comparable product, you will see the particular main difference at once. Not only is the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora’s screen sharp, yet it has got a really broader viewing angle. You will certainly satisfaction from that slight distinction if you’ve juggled the Google’s android tablet pc in your lap between notebook computers, books, work projects, as well as your early morning drink.

The picture remains remarkably sharp within bright sunlight, too, an attribute which We find with a lack of similar displays of the source. I actually used to take a laptop out in the sun-room sometimes, and I also would always find myself twisting to face directly into the sunshine, considering the fact that, with my back rotated towards the sun, the LCD pc appeared to be rendered invisible as a result of the bright sunlight being circulated in from over my shoulders. This Ainol Novo 7 Aurora’s frosty display makes it’s edge by light of day and also by the dark of night. It is just a slight contrast, but one worth mentioning.

Obviously, the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora’s display screen wouldn’t signify very much without getting the technical wherewithal to take care of it, and also the end, Ainol has loaded various healthy performance bits within the Aurora’s small dark colored mode. The processor operates at an even 1 ghz while on an even gig of RAM to boot. All those usually are not the largest numbers by full-sized PC standards, but they can indeed be the set rate to make high-performance-level Google’s android tablet pcs. And undoubtedly, the Aurora comes loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s hottest and most excellent design of the very Android Operating System. If nothing else can probably be said of Google’s creative Android operating system, it is really light and also dependable, and thus freeing up every spare bit of functionality to make sure that the movie shows, online flash games, and as well web browsers runperfectly.

Surely, in the event the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora’s display currently isn’t breathtaking enough to suit your needs, we may always connect the unit up with your most loved 1080p HDTV and even have fun with anything you play upon the pretty small screen over a much larger television screen. I’m certainly thinking Netflix, and Angry Birds the actual size of freezing chickens. Anyone?


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