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Scene 1 : Two boys are playing with water pistols in the corridor.

Stan : (happily) Yeah !! Bullseye !!

(Stan and Chris keep shooting at each other)

(Teacher appears out of nowhere)

Chris : Watch out !!

Stan : (Clumsily) Uuuuhhh…. Oooohhhh…

Mr. Smith : ( Angrily) Boys !! What is this Kumbobery !!!

Chris : (Uncertain) its not what it looks like

Mr. Smith : (Angriliy) i dont want to hear it ! both of you !! go to mr. Fonsworths office

Stan : (confused) but sir !

Mr. Smith : (Stern) Now !!

Scene Two : Mr .Smith and both boys are in Mr. Fonsworths office.

Mr. Smith : I caught these two fooling around in the corridor….

Mr. Fonsworth : I see Mr. Smith… You may go…

(Mr. Smith leaves the office)

Stan : Sir, its not as bad as it seems …

Mr. Fonsworth : (angrily) i dont want to hear it, your actions were unacceptable !!


Chris : We’re very sorry sir


(chris sighs)

Chris : How many days of detention are we going to have

Mr. Fonsworth : (Calmly) you guys got lucky this time, i’ll just be alling your parents, hopefully theyll have a suitable punishment for you…

Mr. Fonsworth : (calmly) you may go

Scene 3 : a group of boys are in the courtyard

Stan : Guys we just got in so much trouble, like Mr. Fonsworth almost punished us but all he did was call my mom

Paul : Lucky…

Chris : I don’t know about you guys but my mom’s going to get angry…


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