How to Make Easy Money Simply Answering Questions Online!

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Step One: Visit and take some time to look over the questions posted on the website. As I am writing this article, there are currently seventy-two pages worth of questions just waiting to be answered by someone that is knowledgeable and qualified. Each page generally has twenty questions, so there really is a lot of potential to earn a nice amount of money.

Step Two: If, after you have looked over some questions and come to the conclusion that you are able to answer those questions primarily because you have a speciality in that area and not because you are great with Google, then scroll to the bottom of the website and click on the “Become an Expert” link and proceed with the registration and application process.

Note: When you apply to be an expert, they will want to know the reasons why you feel you are qualified. They will want to know about your education, what licenses do you hold as well as your experience and if you work has been recognized in some way.

Note Two: Do not lie and do not try to lie in any way. They have the ability to check and they will. This website wants real experts that are qualified and can prove that they are qualified. They are not interested in individuals that are good at doing research, no matter how good that research is. If you are an expert and you are approved to work as an expert on the website, you can of course do research when answering a question, but this website is mainly interested in those that have good, first-hand knowledgeable and are familiar with the subject because they work in that particular area or majored or minored in it in college.

Note Three: Out of all the applications they receive, generally only ten percent are accepted, so be aware that this website is very selective in choosing experts. Nonetheless, if you feel you are qualified, there is no reason not to apply as it costs you nothing at all except some time. Besides, if you are accepted, the pay rate is quite good and the minimum payout is low at just twenty dollars through Pay Pal.


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