Back Pain Solution

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Back pain is also known as dorsalgia or Lumbago and can be very unsettling and a source of grievous discomfort and pain. The main components of the back include joints, nerves, muscles and bones and the back pain felt can be originating from any of them. The different back pains experienced can be either chronic or sudden whereby the former persists for a long time and the later may disappear after a while. Back pain is classified according to the parts of the back where it may be experienced. The different pains experienced include tailbone pain, neck pain, upper or lower back pain and it can be either intermittent or constant. The different ways that back pain manifests itself may include a burning sensation, a dull ache, or a sharp pain

Back pain is characterized by several symptoms that include tingling, weakness, pain, or numbness. Back pain may get worse if one sits down for long, sleeps, walks or performs certain tasks. Some people may suffer back pains at night and they may feel pain in other body parts such as the legs or arms since the pain has a way of radiating. The known causes of back pain include diseases that may leave a person with severe back pain. Other causes of back pain include injuries that may affect the nerves, the bones, the muscles, and the spine. In some cases, pain from other body parts such as the pelvis and abdomen maybe felt in the back through radiation. This kind of pain is referred to as referred pain since it is originating from other organs and not in the back itself. Some of the conditions that may lead to referred pain include pelvic infections, appendicitis, ovarian disorders, as well as kidney conditions.

Other causes of back pain include pregnancies whereby the body becomes strained by the advancing weight at the front. The treatment for back pains varied according to the level and in many cases, these pains disappear on their own. Doctors advise their patients to embark on home care in treating back pains. Home care treatment includes getting adequate rest and doctors recommend that during this period, the person should refrain from physical activities. Subjecting the painful spot to heat or ice is known to work for many people. Sometimes, it only takes pressure to subdue this pain as in many instances back pain is caused by fatigue. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe painkillers that also help in easing the pain. These medications include NSAIDs, Opioid analgesics, and steroids.

In advanced cases whereby the pain is chronic and does not respond to any of these treatments, the doctor may opt to perform an operation on the patient to correct the condition. People who may undergo surgery include those with the cauda equine or sciatica syndromes. In other cases, the doctor may recommend therapy to help the patient recover from the back pain. This therapy may include spinal manipulation, acupuncture, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) as well as exercises.


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