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Does one need a education to succeed in life?

To answer that question One must first define Education. The devil’s advocate would no doubt look upon me with disdain and simply state Higher education. To which I wouldcoolly respond define higher education. Again our favorite advocate would state education that is acquired at institutions of learning. The more established and recognized the institution the greater the quality of that education. With a patience that would frustrate even our hard shelled amphibian friendthe tortoises. I would casually state. What if that institution where the greatest and most well established of them all including those of the Ivy League variety. That institution in which I refer to is the planet on which we now stand.

Now, if our favorite advocate had not walked away or interrupted my line of questioning and deduction I would continue to explain.

What is more established what has more to teach us than the institute in which all phenomena originates? What could be a greaterprofessor than our own eyes drawing our own unbiased conclusions that were not the product of much accolades or the ultimate carrot before us The Nobel Peace Prize.A poet I know personally put it best when he said the real prize in mind one cannot win only find. So.

I adopt the phenomenologist credo as far as education is concerned. I prefer my own interpretation for it is most relevant to me after-all.

Now, phase two of our perilous query. If our favorite advocate allows me to continue without abruptly departing or striking me in the face. I must ask you to define, success. No easy task given it’s subjective nature. If you define success as continuing to strive to have better than thy neighbor, more flashy than thy friend, a veiled insult to thy brother, sister or cousin,

‘Hey look at me . I am better than you. I have better stuff , a better looking house, car, children and dog,’ then I would be compelled tovolunteer MY definition of success.

Success is a state of being free from worry secure in the fact that prosperity in the form of guaranteed basic necessities in life such as food shelter and clothing transportation and yes even entertainment, there is nothing worse than a bored warlord, are no longer commodities but true infrastructure of any and every society.

The best example I can give of an individual who succeeded in acquiring a measurable degree of what most would define as success and also acquired one of the greatest educations of arguably all time in the greatest of institution of learning ever, that I had so conveniently defined earlier is, and you might know him. Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Mark Twain. Who once respond when asked

why he didn’t go to colledge, “I thought it would interfere with my education.”


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