Power of Prayers

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God is having a lot of children, all persons who are living in this world is his children, so he is in need to reply all the persons prayers, so he need some time to reply to us, so we must trust him and wait for his reply, surely he will give his reply when our turns comes to him. 

some times it is hard to us while replying to our family persons if more than two person seeking us at the same time, then how we expect god must reply to all the prayers instantly since he is in need to concentrate with all the persons in the world? so we must keep patience and have trust with him.   

God is full of mercy and surely he will hear all your sincere and dedicated prayers and solve your problems. He is like our father, so give some time to him to consider your prayer and solve your problem. Some times we wait in our life to get some degree in our education, like wise wait for some time after placing your prayers to god surely he will solve your problem   God will give some test to the good people, but he never forsake them, so attend the test which is given by god and make your success in it with the trust and faith with god. All your prayers will be answered by God one day. Have a hope and never lose it.

While praying privately we think about our family, friends and relations and submit our prayers for their sake. In public prayers like religious meet, get together and function prayers we think about all people and praying for the people living in the whole world.  

Some times religious prayers are conducted for the welfare of a individual person who is suffering with fever, or having financial problem and some other things. This kind of prayers are conducted by the priest in the church and people are interested in participating this kind of prayers and praying for the individual person.   

It is really a noble thing to pray for other persons sake, so must be very pure and self less to attend this kind of religious prayers. Recently our area priest conducted a prayer for the welfare of a little boy who is suffering with brain cancer. Lot of people including me attended that prayer and prayed a lot for him.  

While we are in our home and doing private prayers we think about our own family and relatives, but while in public prayers we think about other person and praying for them. God always hear our public prayers quickly than the private prayers and solve the problem soon. What is your opinion about Private prayers & public Prayers?  


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