Health Editor’s Latest Release! “four Killer Reasons Why All Weight Watchers Must Take to Make Lasting Peace With Their Foods!”

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“An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see

where they come from.”
Timothy Dexter

Would you let me to snatch six minutes of your life so as to read some unusual reasons why   you must make peace with food that can change your life for good? What is expected of you now is only to keep in mind as you read through these steps that it’s okay to walk your talk at a pace with which you are comfortable with.  There is no need to feel overwhelmed when stepping into any grocery store. And condemning every single forbidden food you see. Don’t worry, that’s too big a step and it’s not necessary. It takes time to build up trust in yourself. Before you proceed further, please be sure that you are consistently honoring your hunger. A ravenous person is bound to overeat regardless of his or her intention. Next?


To jump start, let’s take a quick bird’s eye view of the reasons why all wise weight watchers must learn to create lasting peace with their foods.  The snapshot essences are focus initially on paying attention to foods that appeal to you and make a list of them. Furthermore, wise weight watcher must put a check by the foods they actually do eat, and then circle remaining foods that they’ve been restricting. By the same token all weight loss devotees must give themselves permission to eat forbidden food from their list, then go to the market and buy this food, or order it at a restaurant. Finally they should also check in with themselves to see if the food tastes as good as they imagined. Does that excite you read more of this subject? You bet!

Enough of this short prelude, let’s dig quickly into core of this article! Shall we?

Killer Reason No. 1. Pay attention to foods

Believe me not all foodstuffs but only those that appeal to you and make a list of them. This would be target whereby you can focus your time and effort to control them now and in the near future! Easy as pie?

Next up!

Killer Reason No. 2. Put a check by the foods you actually do eat,             

Upon so doing then circle remaining foods that you’ve been restricting. Again, this concerted effort will somehow help to handle them when unforeseen circumstances prevailed are forced upon us. Get my drift?

Having said and done, let read more at step number 3. Agreed?

Killer Reason No. 3- Give yourself permission to eat forbidden food 

This foodstuff would of course would be from your prepared list. Then go to the market and buy this food, or order it at a restaurant. It’s a form of wise confrontation with the ‘enemy’ when you are fully prepared for it. To say the least.

The next tip may be the last, but it’s not the least important

Killer Reason No. 4. Check in with yourself to see if the food tastes

This is an act to ensure that the food is as ‘good’ as you imagined. If you find that you really like it, continue to give yourself permission to buy or order it. This tip is so good; I believe you can bring it to town! True?


To summarize this article on making peace with food for better weight loss, here are the key reasons and in concise forms. Firstly all weight loss disciples must closely observe the kind of foods being exposed to them. Secondly they must make sure there is a check mark on the foods types. Thirdly, all weight watchers must give themselves consent to eat so called ‘illicit’ foods .Finally they must verify for themselves to see if the food tastes what it is. Easy to remember and relate positively to? A big “YES” is you ask me!


Once you’ve made peace with one food, continue on with your list until all the foods are tried, evaluated, and freed. If your list is quite large, which is possible, we have found that you don’t have to experience each and every food listed. Rather, what is important is that you continue this process until you truly know you can eat what you want. You will get to a point where you don’t have to experience the “proof “by eating. If these steps seem like too much to handle right now, don’t worry. Maybe you can call a ceasefire, that’s okay, its progress. With this lets the case be settled at least for now. Agreed?


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