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Healthy Diet Tip 1: Expand the water and do not drink calorie drinks. We sometimes can not differentiate between hunger and thirst. the end is not uncommon to end up with a calorie drink. If you do not like to drink water then diet tips you can do is add water earlier with orange juice, or tea, these beverages can be spelled without the calories.

Healthy Diet Tip 2: Think about what you can add to your healthy diet, not what should you take to diet. Start by focusing to take a 4-9 kinds of fruit. Sounds like you are eating fruit for a healthy diet very much, but remember that this value is very good because at the same time you managed to meet the target by eating 4-9 fruits then you also have to meet the needs of fiber and definitely filling. By eating these fruits you will not have to overeat because fruits and vegetables was sufficient to replace fat in foods. And not to mention the health benefits of a healthy diet tips and eating fatty foods.

Healthy Diet Tip 3: Consider whether you bener bener hungry or just hungry eyes. Every time you eat, try to look for physical signs of hunger to show yourself that you’re really hungry. Hunger is your body’s way of telling you that you need fuel, so when the desire to eat did not arise from actual hunger, the food will not satisfy you. Abdomen about the size of your fist, so need less food to fill them with ease. Tips on a healthy diet is simple but you have to train it to bener really able to distinguish between real hunger and the hungry eyes.

Healthy Diet Tip 4: Be the person who chose a light meal at night. Eating snacks most often occurs after dinner, when you finally sit down and relax. Sitting down with a bag of chips and cookies in front of the television is an example of amnesia for food, where you eat without realizing that you are not really hungry. To overcome your eating Amnesia can try to close the kitchen after a certain hour. Another way to reduce amnesia food you can try a low-calorie cake (less than 100 calories) and then if you are satisfied you should slowly reduce until you have enough with zero-calorie cup of tea.

How To attenuate weight quickly in terms of nutritional aspects : A. Take the books and records for each page into two parts. On the first write down what you eat per day and the value of energy (carbohydrates, protein, minerals, etc.) and on the other side of the energy expended.

2. On the first page notice what foods are usually consumed per day, before deciding to seriously attenuate body. Try to remember what you eat everyday and then see how many calories you are going to produce based on the record. After that remember the normal daily activities, then consider spending an average calories spent per day. Compare this number! The result? Usually you will be surprised to even be surprised that turns out as we spend more calories than we entered. And that’s what happened during this time, most of us are too busy with our work so forget about our own food intake.

3. Now you have to do this procedure every day (if you can write heavy one day where the day was the day that you are very busy), it aims to learn to control your diet and your life. This will be a self-control on a diet, because humans are more happy with something that is visually compared to the memory.

4. Next, you will learn to plan their own diet program, so that when you have been accustomed to no longer take notes and write down every food and beverage consumption daily.

Now you have gotten used to how thin the body quickly. and the results would not be long before you will get healthier and of course the agency will increasingly thin.


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