Olympia Capital Releases Global Portfolio-Level Trading Algorithm

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Released on: December 8, 2011
Author: Olympia Analytics

Olympia Capital Research, Ltd (Olympia) was formed initially as a purely Equities Research Group in 1996 and was in response to the developing trend toward the need for independent equity research reporting unrelated to any corporate finance business.

Since its inception, Olympia has helped to generate significant increases in trading volume and investment capital under management for all of our institutional clients who rely on sound, uncompromising and unbiased reports without any internal conflicts of interests. This has made global investing considerably easier for our clients knowing we separate our consulting business from the Equity Research and Stock and Bond recommendations side of the business.

Responding to market need, we have proven time and again that our pioneering efforts in the independent equity research field has minimized the risk factor for our client; as they perceive a reliable comfort zone in buying and selling transactions.

Our company now provides valuable stock pricing direction; buy, hold and sell advice as well as valuable credit determinations on corporate and government bonds. We focus on indentifying profitable market glitches in P/E ratios and yield differentials while maintain our research integrity.

Olympia Capital Research, Ltd. has announced the launch of OCAP-SYSTEM, a trading algorithm that enables the implementation of multiple portfolio level instructions such as risk neutralization and cash balancing.

Using over 56 different risk metrics, OCAP-SYSTEM optimizes execution at the portfolio level by taking into account correlations between assets, as well as volatility and projected market impact. The result is better overall execution and risk management. OCAP-SYSTEM also offers traders improved performance by reducing the variance of execution costs. With this launch, buy-side traders can directly access the new portfolio-trading algorithm used by Olympia Capital’s Portfolio Trading Desk.

“The addition of OCAP-SYSTEM to our constantly evolving suite of algorithms underscores our commitment to providing our clients with a complete set of trading tools and solutions to manage their global execution needs,” said Dr. Michael R. Sternberg, CIO and Managing Director of Olympia Analytics.

The OCAP-SYSTEM supports futures, options and exchange-traded funds, and accesses venues in all major markets in line with Olympia Capital’s liquidity philosophy. In addition, OCAP-SYSTEM offers clients the ability to analyze each step in the lifecycle of the trade by seamlessly integrating with multi-asset analytics platforms.

Clients can access Equity and Derivative choice matrixes through the OCAP-SYSTEM trading platform or through a vendor partner and can execute trades by themselves or with the support of the Firm’s experienced Electronic or Portfolio Trading teams. OCAP-SYSTEM is currently available in Asia and in Europe and will be available in The Americas by third quarter 2012.

Olympia Capital Research, Ltd. electronic trading provides a complete spectrum of services, from pre-trade analytics and execution to post-trade execution performance analysis and volatility management. The OCAP-SYSTEM trading platform offers a comprehensive algorithmic trading suite and various direct market access strategies, including our smart order routing technology and our dark pool aggregator.

Olympia Capital Research, Ltd. is a leading global financial services firm, providing a wide range of investment banking, derivatives trading, investment management and wealth management services. The Firm’s employees serve clients worldwide, including corporations, governments, institutions and individuals.


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