Thoughts of “alex Walia” Inspired by Nature

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In journey to become plant from a seed and a tree from a plant, it faces variable favorable as well as unfavorable natural climates to grew up as a strong and fruit full tree, which gives all his valuable to nature or mankind as a shadow, fruits, fresh air, medicines through out his life and even after his deaths it also gives benefits to the man kind as a wood for various applications.

This view of example by “Alex Walia” is given here to motivate or make a society of strong and valuable personalities who not only serve humanity with his good aspects but also raise the level of graph for up coming generations to follow their thoughts and make continuous effort to establish peaceful, helpful and stable world.

Because as well as a man grew up within limits of natural law and with strong will power to always be practical in life and be physically strong from inside  by meditation whatever you may like to concentrate. But the aim should be only one that is, selfless & pure heart towards this humanity and nature.

As humanity is entirely depend upon nature, so we have to first make clean nature, & climate which gives mental peace to human consequently creates good and clean thoughts in man kind, and once human starting to think with good and clean intellect, every thing start to run smoothly and become better and better with every seconds to go. Thus Alex follow the basic teaching from nature to keep his intellect calm to take right and good decisions and at right time towards responsibilities of life and also towards humanity & nature.

In line to comprehend the thoughts of “Alex” One should be familiar with   his sight, as Alex believes on the motto, to make the people recognize the genuine love with Nature and Humanity. Alex firmly believed as all other former monks and saints, that you may be blessed by god or be dear one for ever for him if you truly love and serve your life for nature as well as for humanity.

One can comprehend shortly the thoughts of Alex to be practical, strong by both aspects, physically as well as intellectually, be bold and be steady with principle as a lion, because dozens of such lions will conquer the world, not millions of sheep. The choice is yours, what you want to be?    


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