A Canon 50Mm Lens Comparison

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In regards to cinematography as well as just making house movies, people desire to have the best possible good quality. For this reason shoppers have been converging on shops to obtain their hands on DSLRs such as the Canon 600D. The challenge however that is it isn’t essentially the camera that brings the attractive top quality but the real lens. Most will point out that the standard lens that comes with most DSLRs simply just doesn’t give that film-like look which everybody strives to obtain. This is primarily because of the fact that this normal lens does not come everywhere near to the Canon 50mm lens. Most people have never found out about the Canon 50mm lens but it’s by far the most effective lens that will not cost you lots of money.

The Canon 50mm Lens Professional review

• High-quality

If you’re searching to obtain their hands on a lens which provides remarkable quality, then there is nowhere else to check though the Canon 50mm. This is by far and away the sharpest image that exist at nearly a small part of the cost that you might find for some other “leading” lenses. The principle function of the lens is always to provide the individual a wider degree of field without sacrificing any details. The stunning lens then permits the movie more reach and a lot more detail, even in scenarios with lower lighting. The good thing regarding the photos and the film could be that the visuals will essentially jump off the screen or on paper.

• Inexpensive

The particular lens is quite affordable and will also not set a dent on your own wallet. Many of the different lenses will surely put a dent with your wallet plus it appears like people just don’t need to spend that much cash in the event the Canon 50mm is available.

Exactly What Do I Expect From The Canon 50mm?

You may be getting small yet highly effective lens that will give you everything that you ever required from a lens. Although this may not be suitable for every photographer on the market, it is a lens that each videographer will need. The sharpness from the film and also the overall high quality is something that’s hardly ever noticed in this kind of affordable lens.


This list of pros can go on for the days but it is mainly the look that you receive that will stick out. A lot of people will be advised of the Indie film when looking at the standard of your own video lessons.


A small problem that individuals have with the 50mm lens is that the F1.4 USM lens has trouble with distance as you will need to take a step back further for images and wider shots. However, this is not a big trouble for videographers that just want to get clear videos.

If you are focused on being capable of getting the best videos available, you simply must consider getting the Canon 50mm lens. It is easily the most cost effective “top” lens that you could ever buy and you will be amazed at how good your videos and pictures should come out. Understand the positive aspects and after that decide if the 50mm is designed for you.


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