Aquarium Algae Control

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After you have had your aquarium for a while you may notice that there are some small dark areas of growth forming on the edges of the glass or any ornamental fixtures. This is usually an indication that Algae is forming. Not always a bad thing but it’s a good indicator that the water balance isn’t right and there is a need to take some action. To keep a nice shiny aquarium clean and transparent with the algae kept at bay consider the following options.

1. Cleaning your tank regularly – make sure it’s not allowing a build up of any unwelcome substances. Invest in a vacuum can be a great benefit.

2. Too much food may be causing residue to build and algae to develop. Get a phosphate kit and check. Only feed as much as the fish can take in a short second or two.

3. Check the Nitrate levels, developed from too much in the way of organic residuals. A simple nitrate test kit can help to identify this and add some counterbalance algae, more porous rocks and more regular cleaning and water changes can all help.

4. Check the CO2 levels. If your tank is too busy, then flow rates can be hampered. Check your water flow and make sure there’s full circulation in the tank.

5. Brown powdery dust on the glass arising every few days can be a sure sign of silicate residue. Getting a Silicate testing kit and if it’s an issue, a cheap additional filter is all you need.

6. Consider the use of a protein skimmer which collects any organic residue.

7. Check that your power filter is clean and working at optimum level. Leaving you filter to its own devices can cause residual build up that then ends up coming back out into the water.

8. A refugium for alternate plant life to compete with the algae can be a blessing

9. You may need to replace aging lights as aging lights can mess with the water temperatures.

10. Consider a black out for a few days if you don’t have any photo reactive plant life. Running silent can work as a refresher exercise.

11. Consider some of the anti-algae supplements as an optional benefit to counteract build up.

12. Just remember that Algae only build up when there is something to build on, keeping clean and balanced tanks should stop any problems in their tracks.


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