Texas Holdem

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Texas holdem

Texas holdem is one of the most popular and by far the best game of

poker. It can be played with as little as two players, up to ten players.

The game is well-liked both in the US and abroad, due to its fast paced

play and simple game rules. The game consists of four betting rounds.

Texas holdem is played with each player receiving two private cards

face-down and five community cards face-up placed in the center of

the table, to be shared by all the players. Player with the highest hand

at the showdown wins the pot.

Texas holdem rules

1. A small dealer button identifies a player as a dealer. The dealer

button moves left in a clock wise fashion to the next player, after

every hand.

2. Before any cards are dealt to the players, the pot is formed

through bets known as blind bets or ante.

1. First player to the dealers left puts the first blind bet called

small blind.

2. Second player to the dealers left puts the second blind bet

called big blind.

3. The first blind bet is smaller then the second blind bet

that’s why we call them the small blind and the big blind.

4. Since the bets are placed with out seeing the cards they

are called blinds.

5. According to poker rules, blinds are considered live bets

and can be checked, called, raised or folded.

3. Each player is dealt two cards face-down called private cards.

Face-down means no body else sees your cards except you.

4. The player left of the big blind makes the first bet starting the

first betting round, where you can call, raise or fold.

5. Now three cards are dealt face-up placed in the center of the

table starting the second betting round.

1. Player left to the dealer bets first.

2. These cards are called community cards, since they are

available to all players.

3. This round of betting is called “Flop”.

6. The fourth community card is dealt face-up in the center of the

table starting the third betting round called “Turn”. In this

round the betting amount doubles from the previous one.

7. The fifth and the final community card is dealt face-up in the

center of the table to start the last betting round called “River”.

8. After the final round of betting it’s time for showdown and the

player with the highest hand wins the pot. Where as identical

hands split the pot. The dealer button moves to the next player

to play the next hand.


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